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3079Re: [XSL-FO] Single XSL for both pdf and html

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  • Ian Tindale
    Mar 7, 2003
      On Friday 07 March 2003 7:42 am, Christian Duschl wrote:
      > I'm not sure if I understand your question (I'm sure that its possible to
      > generate html and pdf or anything else with the same stylesheet .. does it
      > make sense ?),

      No it wasn't so much that, it was a query by the original poster that asked if
      it were possible to write a single XSL stylesheet which produces output in
      both PDF and HTML.

      I would say no, as a matter of style. Of course, you could have a single XSL
      that outputs both a PDF and HTML output simultaneously - just bolt the guts
      of a PDF XSLT onto the guts of an HTML transformation and whenever the
      transformation is run, you get two discrete output products. However, that's
      basically the same as running first one (a PDF transformation), then the
      other (the HTML tranformation) as a simple chained operation of two discrete

      If what you want is a single transformation that simply piles output into a
      PDF and an HTML document pretty much in the same sweep, you'll lose the
      flexibility of the individual media, and neither the PDF nor the HTML will
      have been done justice. If it transpires that each request for PDF is always
      accompanied by an identical HTML request, I suppose you'd want a single XSLT
      to do the same job. I'd still, however, push towards triggering the two
      processes as separate transformations, just finding a way of triggering a
      pair of requests in one action - and this might as well be outside the XSLT

      Ian Tindale
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