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3077Re: [XSL-FO] Single XSL for both pdf and html

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  • Ian Tindale
    Mar 6, 2003
      On Thursday 06 March 2003 10:12 pm, Rob Stote wrote:
      > I agree Klass:
      > this is a valid question, anybody that would answer this way is not being
      > very polite, and trust me I am being polite now

      That's a erroneous generalisation - I was being polite. I'm not now, though.
      Now I am. Now I'm not. Now I've lost count.

      The thing is, if your output across XHTML and PDF were extremely similar in
      layout, then academically, you could narrow down the branching point to more
      or less within the XSLT. In most cases, though, you'd be advised to take
      advantage of designing for the media, even down to simple but major things
      such as colour choice, page size assumption, and media content. Typically, in
      a scenario such as, for example, Cocoon, you'd find that the branch is quite
      distinct and once content negotiation has had its say, the XSLT chosen is
      quite discrete from any of the other media choices available.

      To return to the analogy, if one were to concoct a tin of paint that is both
      green and red, one would inevitably find that it is not really either green
      or red enough to be either - more of a compromise from the beginning.
      Ian Tindale
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