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2645Side notes and "end-run" footnotes

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  • Bob Wilow
    Jan 6, 2003
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      I am trying to use XSL-FO to generate output with the
      following characteristics related to side notes (notes
      that go on the edge of the page related to the main
      text in the middle):

      1) The side notes should stack on each other starting
      at the top of the page

      2) There are three kinds of side notes: a) type 1 must
      always be at the top; b) type 2 flow in order (after
      any type 1 side notes); c) type 3 are presented
      "end-run" in a single block that is always the last
      side note on a page

      3) If there is not enough space on either the left or
      right page to accommodate all of the side notes, type
      2 notes flow between the two pages

      4) Footnotes should be presented "end-run" (no new
      line between footnotes)

      Using "float" puts the side notes to the side but does
      not help in getting them to start at the top and does
      not handle the rules for the three different types of
      side notes.

      Help resolving any of these issues would be a great

      Any suggestions?

      Bob Willow

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