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2547Running headlines and TOC

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  • Els van Trigt
    Dec 2, 2002
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      When running XEP, I found a discrepancy between running headlines,
      indicating chapter titles, and the actual page on which Chapters start.
      I have set markers on Chapter titles and other titles, retrieving them both
      for the Table of Contents and for the running headlines.
      In the TOC, the chapter titles are ahead one page, and the same is true for
      the running headlines; they do not run synchronically.
      I thought it might have something to do with the page-sequence and the
      "force-page-count" (="end-on-even"), but then when I tested the same
      stylesheets in the Antenna House formatter, I did not get this discrepancy
      and the start of chapter, the running headlines and the reference in TOC all
      three correspond.

      Any clue?

      (Maybe it is only related to the version of XEP I'm using - I'm using XEP
      2.7 because the customer that needs the stylesheets has a XEP 2.7 licence)

      Els van Trigt,

      Ambrac Information Management
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