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248Re: [XSL-FO] Padding between cells in a table

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  • Nikolai Grigoriev
    Mar 1, 2001

      > I would like to create a table in XSL-FO that has empty space between
      > the cells. Like this example:
      > Header1<--0.1in-->Header2<--0.1in-->Header3
      > Cell1 <--0.1in-->Cell2 <--0.1in-->Cell3
      > How can this be accomplished? I have tried the border-collapse and
      > border-separate, and they work, but they also put space above and
      > under each cell, I only want it left and right.

      Border-separation is a composite property:

      .block-progression-direction specifies vertical separation between cells,
      .inline-progression-direction specifies horizontal separation between cells.

      So I'd suggest:

      <fo:table border-collapse="separate"

      Alternatively, if your formatter supports shorthands, you can do it in CSS

      <fo:table border-collapse="separate"
      border-spacing="0.1in 0pt">

      Hope this helps.


      Nikolai Grigoriev
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