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2354Visible chapter index on the side of a book

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  • Rolf Hustad
    Oct 31, 2002
      Hello everybody!

      I have been trying to create an index flag on the right page of a 500 page
      book/catalogue, so that it creates a visible quick reference to each chapter
      on the paper edge.

      I`ve tried to but it as image in a <fo:static-content
      flow-name="index-field"> on the right page, but this only gives me i single
      image in the hole book.

      I would like to choose the image according to the chapter id and still keep
      it on the right hand page, no matter if the page is an odd or even numbered
      page .

      I have done the job manually, but wanted to do it during the processing to
      save time. I have attached a extracted pdf to explain what I mean.

      Rolf Hustad
      Senior Consultant
      MK Documentation

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