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2347Re: [XSL-FO] Centering a block on the page

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  • David Tolpin
    Oct 29, 2002
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      > > I did find one solution, although I'm not sure its the best solution:
      > On further exploration, I discovered that XSL Formatter does this
      > centering consistently regardless of what the reference-orientation is
      > for the containing flow, but XEP only does it if the reference
      > orientation of the flow is 0 or 180--if it is a multiple of 90 degrees,
      > XEP does not center in the "inline progression" direction.


      what is 'reference-orientation' of a flow? The only attribute that applies to a flow
      is flow-name. A page region or a block container can be rotated using reference
      orientation, but then inline-progression must be specified for a rotated block-container
      unless it coincides with containing area's inline progression dimension.

      When a block container is placed inside another block container and rotated by an odd
      multiple of 90 degrees, it's block progression dimension becomes equal to containing
      block's inline progression dimension (unless explicitely specified); in XEP, it's
      inline progression dimension becomes equal to the maximum possible size of containing area's
      block progression dimension, although a better implementation would complain that
      inline-progression-dimension must be specified.

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