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2278Re: Centering a table with FOP

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  • narinder_g
    Oct 10 9:30 PM
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      hi Oleg,
      What i meant was, as if the inner table is longer than the page, then
      the outer table's row does not break at the end of the page. And the
      contents crosses the bottom margin of the page.
      Hoping its clear now.
      Thanks, Have a nice day :)
      --- In XSL-FO@y..., Oleg Tkachenko <olegt@m...> wrote:
      > narinder_g wrote:
      > > I have tried this, But when the table is long, again there is
      > > overflow.
      > What do you mean? I thought you are talking about centering the
      table, but
      > overflow is different problem. Try to turn on hyphenation on table
      cells, it
      > could help.
      > --
      > Oleg Tkachenko
      > eXperanto team
      > Multiconn International, Israel
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