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2245Re: [XSL-FO] Text divided into several columns?

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  • Douglas Lovell
    Sep 30, 2002
      Use the column-count property on the region-body FO to specify multiple
      columns that flow content from one to the next. Those columns will all
      have equal width. Use the column-gap property to specify the width of
      space between the columns. The region-body FO flows content within the
      body of a page. You will not be able to make it a separate box with
      position fixed relative to other flowed content.

      Use table layout elements to define a table with specified column widths.
      Place the table within a block-container FO and use the absolute-position
      property on the block-container to fix the position of the table. You may
      be able to use XSLT counting tricks to "flow" the content from one table
      column to the next. That depends on the structure of your input and other
      specific details of your expected result.

      Douglas Lovell

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      ractive.no> cc:
      Subject: [XSL-FO] Text divided into several columns?
      09/30/2002 03:20 AM
      Please respond to

      Is there a way to divide a text section into 2 or more columns?
      Here is an example of the behavior i am looking for:

      0 4 8
      1 5 9
      2 6
      3 7

      I would like to be able to specify the height of the columns, as
      well as the width of each column.
      When there is no more room for text in a column, it should start on
      an new column, on a specified interval to the right from the last
      Further, I want to place this "box" on an absolute position.
      Is this possible at all?
      If anyone knows the answer for this question, i would really like to

      Thank You,

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