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2214Re: [XSL-FO] XSL:FO Numbered lists

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Sep 23 2:22 PM
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      At 2002-09-23 17:13 -0400, Sandra Mcdonnell wrote:
      >Thanks Ken (And Kate!),
      > >I'm quite confused that you have wrapped all of your steps into a single
      > >NumListItem. Is there is only ever one item in the list? if not, what
      > >does it mean to have more than one since each one appears to have multiple
      > >steps?
      > >
      >Initially I did not include the NumListItems. I just had the following:
      > <Step> Step1</Step>
      > <StepContinue> Text </StepContinue>
      > <Step> Step2</Step>
      > <StepContinue> Text </StepContinue>
      >But something in the FO List structure made me think I needed the extra
      >element... Sigh. I really am new at ALL this. And I read everything I
      >can, I just can't always make it work...

      Often it is a good rule of thumb to have as much structure as possible
      without redundancy. It is usually helpful to have containers for anything
      that is repeated. Your task will be much easier if you had something along
      the lines of:

      <Step> Step1</Step>
      <StepContinue> Text </StepContinue>
      <Step> Step2</Step>
      <StepContinue> Text </StepContinue>

      Not only have you containerized your steps, your required FO tree will be
      structured identically, and things should fall into place for you.

      NumList -> list-block
      NumListItem -> list-item
      <xsl:number count="NumListItem"/> -> list-item-label
      Step and StepContinue -> block

      Again, I'm not sure why you have two "step" thingies. I away from my email
      in about 5 minutes for the next day or so, so someone else will hopefully
      follow up with your responses.

      Good luck (and hang in there)!

      ............... Ken

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