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2212Re: [XSL-FO] XSL:FO Numbered lists

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Sep 23, 2002
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      At 2002-09-23 09:53 -0400, Sandra Mcdonnell wrote:
      >Thanks for the help, though I gotta say, I can't make your solution work
      >at all. I didn't even get my number 1s on everything. ;-)

      :{)} Well, at least I did qualify my answer that I was unsure what you were
      asking for.

      >What I am trying to get is output that appears as follows:
      >1. STEP1
      > StepContinue1
      >2. STEP2
      > StepContinue2
      >etc etc. So I want the position of the Step element relative to the
      >NumListItems in which is resides.
      >My XML appears as follows:
      > <NumListItem>
      > <Step>step1 </Step>
      > <StepContinue> Step continue text </StepContinue>
      > <Step> Step 2 </Step>
      > <StepContinue> text </StepContinue>
      > </NumListItem>

      I'm quite confused that you have wrapped all of your steps into a single
      NumListItem. Is there is only ever one item in the list? if not, what
      does it mean to have more than one since each one appears to have multiple

      >I can make my XSL generate my X-FO, and then render to PDF, but I can't
      >make the count for the steps work out.

      This tells me you are successfully introducing the FO structure needed for
      list items from your XML source with a "flat" set of list items. Most
      people do not recognize the nuances involved in converting a flat
      collection into a nested structure.

      Kate's suggestion of using 1 plus the count of previous steps looks sound!

      ................... Ken

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