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2211RE: [XSL-FO] XSL:FO Numbered lists

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  • Percival, Kate
    Sep 23, 2002
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      Hi Sandra,
      Try <xsl:value-of select="count(preceding-sibling::step) + 1"/>
      That's what we use!
      Hope it helps,

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      From: Sandra Mcdonnell [mailto:smcdonnell@...]
      Sent: 23 September 2002 14:53
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      Subject: Re: [XSL-FO] XSL:FO Numbered lists


      Thanks for the help, though I gotta say, I can't make your solution work
      at all. I didn't even get my number 1s on everything. ;-)

      What I am trying to get is output that appears as follows:

      1. STEP1
      2. STEP2

      etc etc. So I want the position of the Step element relative to the
      NumListItems in which is resides.

      My XML appears as follows:

      <Step>step1 </Step>
      <StepContinue> Step continue text </StepContinue>
      <Step> Step 2 </Step>
      <StepContinue> text </StepContinue>

      I can make my XSL generate my X-FO, and then render to PDF, but I can't
      make the count for the steps work out.

      Hope this clarifies my problem and that you have an excellent answer! I
      appreciate all your time!!!


      G. Ken Holman wrote:

      >At 2002-09-20 16:44 -0400, Sandra Mcdonnell wrote:
      >>problem is that every item is number 1.
      >> <NumList>
      >> <NumListItem>
      >> <Step>Do numbered lists work? </Step>
      >> <StepContinue>Let's try to see if we can add a continued
      >>explanation to our numbered step.</StepContinue>
      >> </NumListItem>
      >> <NumListItem>
      >> <Step>Second Numbered Item</Step>
      >> <StepContinue>And its Continuing explanation...</StepContinue>
      >> </NumListItem>
      >> </NumList>
      >> <xsl:for-each select="NumListItem">
      >> <fo:list-item>
      >> <fo:list-item-label>
      >> <fo:block margin-left=".25in" font-size="10">
      >> <xsl:for-each select="Step [position()]">
      >> <xsl:number format="1."/>
      >> </xsl:for-each>
      >> </fo:block>
      >> </fo:list-item-label>
      >Note that Step[position()] is equivalent to Step.
      >You don't give a lot of detail for what you need but if you just want to be

      >counting NuMListItem constructs, then use:
      > <xsl:number format="1." count="NumListItem"/>
      ><xsl:number> will look up the ancestry (starting at the current node)
      >looking for what is being counted, and then only does the counting once
      >something being counted is found.
      >I'm afraid I cannot figure out from the remainder of your code what you are

      >trying to do with your Step and StepContinue constructs, but hopefully the
      >above will get you your incrementing list item numbers.
      >................ Ken
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