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2151Re: [XSL-FO] common sense and word of rec (basic-link)

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  • David Tolpin
    Aug 12 3:22 PM
      As a followup,

      I would like to admit that although XSL FO Recommendation can and probably should
      be improved; almost every case where common sense is in contradiction with the
      recommended behaviour, the latter turns out to be more consistent and logical
      at closer investigation.

      Consider a case when a basic-link with internal-destination is nested
      within a basic-link with external-destination. If the anchor is built
      of all descendant areas, then where should the link attached to descendants
      of the innermost basic-link point to?

      Should it point just to external-destination? Or to both external and internal?

      Where in the recommendation is it described?

      It seems to me that the least contradictory approach is one chosen
      by the recommendation, that is that the link is attached to the
      area generated by a basic-link element. It permits a comprehendable implementation
      in general case. I don't see how other approaches can be clearly expressed within
      the current logic of XSL FO.

      David Tolpin
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