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2141Re: [XSL-FO] line-height of a basic-link around an

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  • Nikolai Grigoriev
    Aug 11, 2002
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      Hi Ken,

      let me explain XEP's interpretation of the basic-links. Our idea is
      straightforward: the hot area corresponds to the border-rectangle
      of the basic-link inline area. When you specify a border around
      the fo:basic-link, the zone inside the border becomes hot, and the
      outside remains inactive. Natural, isn't it?

      > Okay ... section 4.6 talks about the content rectangle in terms of the text
      > dimension ... but I would have thought the large allocation rectangle of
      > the graphic would have increased the height of the content rectangle.

      Unfortunately, the spec prescribes otherwise. Let's look at [4.6. Inline-areas]:

      XSL> An inline-area with inline-area children has a content-rectangle
      XSL> which extends from its dominant baseline ... by its text-depth in
      XSL> the block-progression-direction, and in the opposite direction
      XSL> by its text-altitude.

      Ergo: the content rectangle of a typical inline _does not depend on
      its contents_. Only font attributes matter, plus eventual redefinitions
      of text-depth or text-altitude. This applies to fo:basic-link, too.

      > ... after all, if I border a graphic, the border goes around the whole
      > graphic and not just the line height), then the containing area would, I
      > thought, be well defined, thus would be "hot" to the hyperlink.

      This would be true if @external-destination were ascribed directly
      to the graphic. Unfortunately, fo:basic-link is another object that
      generates inline-areas of its own. If you set a border on it, it may
      cross a tall image located inside.

      The above serves to demonstrate that our decision was not casual :-).
      However, the problem is real - I concur that in David Cramer's case,
      XEP's behaviour is far from intuitive. Maybe we should ask authors
      of the XSL spec?

      Nikolai Grigoriev
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