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2139XHTML Strict to FO: CSS vs. XSLT

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  • jdeisenberg
    Aug 11, 2002
      I am a teacher, and I use XSLT convert my "class outline" document
      from XHTML transitional to XSL-FO, and then to PDF. This hasn't been
      a problem; <p align="right"> translates directly to <fo:block
      text-align="right">, and a <td> or <th>'s width attribute is
      easily accessible for creating an XSL-FO table.

      The problem arises when I move my documents to XHTML strict. I have to
      take out align and width attributes and put them into style=""
      attributes or into CSS classes. This is actually a good thing; it
      means that class="navigation" can look like one thing on the screen
      and look totally different in print. However, I now have to be able to
      parse the class="" attribute (which can contain a whitespace-separated
      list of class names!) and the occasional style="" attribute.

      I've done this on an ad-hoc basis, but I can see it causing problems
      for a more general approach. Has anyone else encountered a similar
      problem, or, better yet, solved it?