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2023RE: [XSL-FO] XSL-fo with *2* in one document ...

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  • Victor Mote
    Jul 15 8:05 AM
      cooltool911 wrote:

      <---- Start ----->
      The tricky bit is now that languages are differently long, eg. a
      sentence in english might be a line shorter then the same sentence in
      german .. but the format has to be the same ... so if there is a new
      paragrah .. it has to start in both columns allways at the same
      postion (eg same distance from the top edge ..)
      The format has to be the same on both columns ...

      So I guess my 1st question is ... can xsl fo handel this?
      if yes .. would it be possible to automate this process .. so that is
      the one paragrah is longer than the other, I dont have to edit the
      file by hand and add some extra lines to equal it out.

      I guess it is quite hard to understand from what I wrote .. what my
      problem is .. but I give it a try any way
      <----- End ----->

      There may be other possibilities, but the first general answer that comes to
      mind is to use a 2-column table to accomplish this task. The second issue is
      how the rendering engine will implement a 2-column solution. Even some
      pretty high-end commercial software (FrameMaker, for example) cannot split
      table cells across 2 pages. Without that ability, if you have long
      paragraphs, you may end up with huge gaps in your pages, which is probably
      not what you want. I am not yet sure how each of the implementations handle
      this issue.

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