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2021Re: XSL-fo with *2* in one document ...

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  • cooltool911
    Jul 15, 2002
      --- In XSL-FO@y..., "cooltool911" <cooltool911@y...> wrote:
      > hi,
      > this is my 1st post to this group ...
      > since a few days I have to find a solution for a problem we have a
      > work. We need to print special documents which have a very strict
      > specified format.
      > Most of these documents look like this:
      > - 2 columns on A4 size
      > - each column is the same text just in a different laguage.
      > so on the left there is lets say english on the right hand side
      > there is french ...
      > The tricky bit is now that languages are differently long, eg. a
      > sentence in english might be a line shorter then the same sentence
      > german .. but the format has to be the same ... so if there is a
      > paragrah .. it has to start in both columns allways at the same
      > postion (eg same distance from the top edge ..)
      > The format has to be the same on both columns ...
      > So I guess my 1st question is ... can xsl fo handel this?
      > and
      > if yes .. would it be possible to automate this process .. so that
      > the one paragrah is longer than the other, I dont have to edit the
      > file by hand and add some extra lines to equal it out.
      > Thanks,
      > I guess it is quite hard to understand from what I wrote .. what my
      > problem is .. but I give it a try any way

      Ok I been thinking about my problem .. I made it even more
      complicated :)
      I am wondering if there is some sort of pre procesing build into any
      of the XSL-fo compilers (fop, xep, ..)
      which would return information about the formate back to the
      processing system. Eg to find out where this "letter" would be placed
      (what page, maybe even x/y coordinates of the page), so that I could
      uses this in some king of VBscript to automate my formatting process?

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