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1990Re: [XSL-FO] Rendering engines questions

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  • Nikolai Grigoriev
    Jul 1, 2002
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      Hi Pascal,

      > 1. I define lines with a 1px height but although they appear on the
      > screen, they didn't print. Apparently, FOP generate a "web" PDF but
      > if you open it in acrobat and save it as a "Print" PDF then the lines
      > print. Is anybody aware of how to get FOP to save the PDF as
      > a "Print" PDF?
      > 2. FOP does not support the "keep-..." instruction. Is that true?
      > So, I downloaded the evaluation version of XEP from renderx. I can't
      > seen to find the command line instruction to run my XSL against my
      > XML to produce a PDF using XEP. Does somebody have an example?

      There is no means to do it from the command line. XEP is primarily a Java
      component; the evaluation version is meant only to evaluate formatting
      quality. You have to do an additional step with any XSLT processor to
      create an FO document.

      The commercial version has SAX and DOM interfaces in the API, so there is
      no problem to tie it to any Java-based XSLT processor.

      > My last question is: will XEP solve problems 1 and 2?

      I cannot really grasp what is the first problem. 1px is 1/120 of an inch
      for us;
      a line of such a width will be visible both on the screen and on the paper.

      For the second problem, please browse XEP documentation (spec.pdf):
      there is a table documenting support for objects and properties. Keeps
      are implemented with a minor limitation: all page-level keeps are treated
      as column-level. (You will not see the difference if you use only
      layouts, though).

      Nikolai Grigoriev
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