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1332Re: [XSL-FO] Parent of fo:marker

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Jan 11, 2002
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      At 2002-01-11 11:57 -0500, Rodney Boyd wrote:
      >"G. Ken Holman" wrote:
      > >
      > > At 2002-01-11 10:38 -0500, Rodney Boyd wrote:
      > > >According to the XSF-FO spec (section 6.11.3) "It is an error if two or
      > > >more fo:markers that share the same parent have the same
      > > >"marker-class-name" property value."
      > >
      > > In your example it isn't a shared parent area because the markers are in
      > > different areas, one on each page, because of your page-break block between
      > > them.
      >Ah, so "parent" in this context should be understood as "parent area",
      >not "parent element"? Is that correct?

      I wasn't part of the committee, so I don't know for sure ... I wrote the
      answer above before I saw that you were not meeting the constraints of the
      formatting objects.

      > > But ... from the object level (instead of the area level), you aren't
      > > meeting the constraint in 6.11.3 that the fo:marker be an initial child of
      > > its parent formatting object.
      >Then does my second example satisfy that constraint?

      Since satisfying the object constraint will satisfy the area constraint, we
      still haven't answered the question above as to whether the designers were
      talking areas or objects in the parentage constraint. But does the
      question really matter now that we know we are meeting the specification's
      object constraint?

      Do your formatters now give you consistent results now with your
      change? If so, then we've probably noodled it out and the software is
      expecting the objects to be organized as stated in the specification.

      > > Perhaps that is the error you should be receiving, and since you aren't
      > > meeting the indicated constraint why you are getting inconsistent results
      > > from two formatters: GIGO.
      >Heh. One might have hoped for better.

      Well ... maybe not ... I don't blame these companies for investing in the
      formatting algorithms first and postponing all semantic validation until later.

      ....................... Ken

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