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1331Re: [XSL-FO] Parent of fo:marker

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  • Rodney Boyd
    Jan 11, 2002
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      "G. Ken Holman" wrote:
      > At 2002-01-11 10:38 -0500, Rodney Boyd wrote:
      > >According to the XSF-FO spec (section 6.11.3) "It is an error if two or
      > >more fo:markers that share the same parent have the same
      > >"marker-class-name" property value."
      > In your example it isn't a shared parent area because the markers are in
      > different areas, one on each page, because of your page-break block between
      > them.

      Ah, so "parent" in this context should be understood as "parent area",
      not "parent element"? Is that correct?

      > But ... from the object level (instead of the area level), you aren't
      > meeting the constraint in 6.11.3 that the fo:marker be an initial child of
      > its parent formatting object.

      Then does my second example satisfy that constraint?

      <flow flow-name="xsl-region-body">
      <block font-family="Times" font-size="12pt">
      <marker marker-class-name="hLeftPart"><inline>Header Left part
      <marker marker-class-name="fLeftPart">Footer Left part 1</marker>
      <block> Some simple dumb sample document</block>
      <block break-before="page"></block>
      <marker marker-class-name="hLeftPart">Header Left part 2 </marker>
      <marker marker-class-name="fLeftPart">Footer Left part 2 </marker>
      <block>Hello world</block>

      (Here the second set of markers is enclosed in its own <block>.)

      > Perhaps that is the error you should be receiving, and since you aren't
      > meeting the indicated constraint why you are getting inconsistent results
      > from two formatters: GIGO.

      Heh. One might have hoped for better.



      Rodney Boyd
      Document Conversion Analyst
      Exegenix Research
      +1 416 762 2433
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