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1299Ann: Upcoming live, web/CDROM, and audio-over-IP XSLT/XPath/XSLFO training (XSLFO)

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  • G. Ken Holman
    Jan 3, 2002
      Please read on if you are interested in XSLT/XPath or XSLFO training:

      (1) - live 3-day and 2-day hands-on courses the week of
      February 18-22, 2002 (at risk; please act soon)
      (2) - web- and CDROM-based 10-week courses starting in both
      February 2002 and March 2002
      (3) - real-time audio-over-IP 3-hour lectures held every month


      .................. Ken

      (1) To Ottawa-area XML'ers (and those interested in travelling to Ottawa!):

      We are again having a 5-day training blitz of two separate hands-on
      courses: 3 days of XSLT/XPath immediately followed by 2 days of XSLFO
      during the week of February 18-22, 2002. These complementary courses
      provide comprehensive coverage over the week.

      The course titles are "Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath" and
      "Practical Formatting Using XSLFO".

      Please follow the highlighted link from our home page below for details on
      early-bird/loyalty pricing and links to the course syllabi and other
      information. The hands-on exercises use commercial and/or non-commercial
      tools listed in the syllabi.

      These particular deliveries are at risk due to insufficient enrollment to
      date ... please let us know ASAP (in the next few days) if you or your
      colleagues are interested, or we may have to postpone the delivery for a
      number of months. I suppose many travel budgets and training budgets have
      been poorly affected recently, which unfortunately puts these courses at
      risk for others.

      (2) For those needing hands-on but are unable to travel:

      The XSLT/XPath material is being offered over a ten week period in both
      web-based and CD-based formats through Online-Learning.com starting on each
      of February 11, 2002 and March 11, 2002 under the title "Practical Guide to
      XSLT" ... see our delivery calendars linked from our home page noted below

      (3) For those needing introductory lectures:

      We have four titles being offered every month through the Intellor Group
      for you to attend from the comfort of your own computer ... see our
      delivery calendars linked from our home page noted below. These are
      three-hour live lectures being delivered with real-time audio-over-IP and
      interactive client software (see screen capture on our web site).

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      OASIS members
      IDEA-ICC members

      Training Blitz: 3-days XSLT/XPath, 2-days XSLFO - Feb 18-22, 2002

      G. Ken Holman mailto:gkholman@...
      Crane Softwrights Ltd. http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/f/
      Box 266, Kars, Ontario CANADA K0A-2E0 +1(613)489-0999 (Fax:-0995)
      ISBN 0-13-065196-6 Definitive XSLT & XPath
      ISBN 1-894049-08-X Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath
      ISBN 1-894049-07-1 Practical Formatting Using XSLFO
      XSL/XML/DSSSL/SGML/OmniMark services, books(electronic, printed),
      articles, training(instructor-live,Internet-live,web/CD,licensed)
      Next public training: 2002-01-10,11,16,18,02-11,12,13,15,18,21,
      - 03-11,14,15,18,19,04-08,09,10,12