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Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind? Reposts on this topic and plagiarism

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  • tygerpurr
    ***This is from a while back, and since the topic keeps resurfacing, thought I d repost it again. Some of the quote from Path of the Masters by Julian
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2006
      ***This is from a while back, and since the topic keeps resurfacing,
      thought I'd repost it again. Some of the quote from "Path of the
      Masters" by Julian Johnson also reads a lot like Twitch in his books
      and discourses. No surprises here anymore. The SCAM just seems so
      obvious, the more you look into it, shining LIGHT and speaking SOUND.
      LOL Oh, the entire quote on the five passions is in the files section
      here. Still seems weird to me that some people still believe that
      certain emotions are like a disease or cancer??? To me this seems to
      be just plain dishonest. I always feel more comfortable around people
      who are real and not pretencious. A real person I can talk to, a con
      or someone who is just acting "as if" is really just that,a con. They
      are pretending that they are above all of this human stuff. For me,
      true spirituality involves being real, with less and less of
      developing a false self, or a facade, IMHO.

      Tygerpurr ; )***

      From: tygerpurr
      Date: Sat Oct 29, 2005 3:07 pm
      Subject: Repost: EckankarTruth #5670 HI Sharon! tygerpurr
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      The original post was from Julian Johnson on the five passions. What a
      nut case.

      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, Sharon <brighttigress@y...> wrote:
      > Hi Everyone -
      > Going thru my email, thought this (below) was
      > excellent! I've been thinking recently about how
      > e-kult and other similar mind-control groups mess with
      > our emotions so much, mostly because I'm sort of
      > trying to figure out what's "normal"!!
      > I don't think it's emotions alone that are bad, not
      > even anger. I think it's the degree. I generally
      > differentiate with the term "pissed off", which is
      > totally normal, and perfectly fine to feel and
      > express. Ditto with all the other "seven deadly
      > sins". And just about everything else in life.
      > Tygerpurr, if you already posted this here, excuse the
      > duplication - but you know what? If everyone else is
      > having those middle-aged memory losses like *I* am,
      > repeats are a good thing!! After seeing something
      > six or a dozen times, it starts to stick. <gg>
      > I also found it interesting to see the source of the
      > "Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind" was Buddha!
      > I understood that Gail had used this phrase in a
      > seminar talk when Twitch was still alive. I wonder if
      > she ever gave credit to Buddha? Interesting that this
      > phrase comes from a book that Twitch plagiarized
      > extensively - Gail was right there next to him while
      > he did it!
      > Anyway, I do *not* agree with everything below,
      > absolutely not!!! Stuff like this if followed
      > inflexibly and unthinkingly will surely produce a lot
      > of happy-happy cultborgs but if you think about it, a
      > lot of it is just *not* sensible. Otherwise we'd all
      > be thanking Twitch & Klemp for lying, right? And
      > we'd be celebrating Hitler's birthday!!
      > According to the Bible, one of the gifts of Spirit is
      > discernment.
      > Well...have a happy Halloween, everyone!!
      > Scary Hugs!!
      > Sharon

      --- In X-Eckankar_The-Chains-of-Eck@yahoogroups.com, "Moderator"
      <eckchains@y...> wrote:
      > Often cult leaders, such as Klemp, and other higher initiates, do a
      > double speak about so called bad emotions, such as anger or fear. If
      > they can dumb you down enough so you don't feel any appropriate anger
      > or fear, then the normal alarms will not go off when you are being
      > conned into believing the absurd nonsense they preach. It is not
      > human, nor is it compassionate to expect such absolutes. It is
      > self-hate incarnate.*****
      > From The Path of the Masters by Julian Johnson Radhasoami crap that
      > is just like eckankrap:
      > . It cannot be evaded. It must be obeyed
      > or one must reap pain and anguish. That law is:
      > Never criticize, never find fault, never abuse, never even blame any
      > either to his face or behind his back.
      > Never hurt the feelings of any one, man or animal.
      > Never let a harsh or unkind word escape your lips.
      > Speak always words of love, truth and kindness.
      > A rule laid down by the noble Buddha is a most
      > excellent one for all men to follow. He said that if
      > you propose to speak, always ask yourself—Is it true,
      > is it necessary, is it kind?
      > This is one of the most inflexible of all laws for such
      > as seek spiritual advancement. Let no one imagine
      > that he can ignore this law and still make headway on
      > the Path. It cannot be done. The Path of love
      > leads to enlightenment and liberty and the highest
      > heavens; but the way of anger and an evil tongue leads
      > to the darkest hell.
      > We believe that anger may aptly be compared to
      > cancer. It is in fact, mental carcinoma. In its effects it
      > is more deadly to the mind than cancer is to the body.
      > It is an ailment which afflicts one of the whole of a lifetime.
      > Then when physical death comes, the mind
      > has become so poisoned that there is no moral value left
      > in it. Strangely enough, this terrible affliction has
      > received but slight attention in the literature of mental
      > therapeutics. It has had but little consideration even
      > in ethics. Yet it is one of the deadliest of human ills,
      > and leads to some of the most horrible disasters. We
      > believe it brings more pain and grief into the world
      > than any other disease or perhaps all other diseases.
      > It must not be forgotten that this mental disease is also
      > a factor in producing many of the common physical ills.

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      Re: Repost: EckankarTruth #5670 HI Sharon!
      Hi All, I too found it interesting that Gail Twitchell used Buddha's
      words of--Is it true, necessary and kind, and how this came to be
      attributed to the "Eck"...
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      10:16 am
      Correction on the date "MAHANTA" was first invented
      Hi Again, Actually, Twitchell didn't invent the title of "MAHANTA"
      until JANUARY, 1969 (ECKANKAR: Illuminated Way Letters 1966-1971, pg.
      133). Prometheus ... ...
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      10:30 am
      Re: Repost: EckankarTruth #5670 HI Sharon!
      Hi Prometheus, yes, it seems, the more you look into it the more
      obvious is the fraud! Thanks for your research and sharing it with us.
      WHy some still cling to...
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      11:48 pm
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