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"Angel of Death...":Repost from Eckankar Truth Yahoo group

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  • tygerpurr
    From: colleenmft Date: Thu Jun 2, 2005 10:19 am Subject: Re: The Angel of Death Does Not Listen To Their Cries... -Klemp colleenmft
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      From: "colleenmft" <colleenmft@...>
      Date: Thu Jun 2, 2005 10:19 am
      Subject: Re: "The Angel of Death Does Not Listen To Their Cries..."
      -Klemp colleenmft
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      Well done, Kent!

      When I read this passage from The Spiritual Notebook years after
      leaving eckankar, typical cultic characteristics are quite
      apparent. Twitchell's vision of "The Chosen People" exemplifies
      the "Us"/"Them", Black/White thinking which results in harmful
      consequences. From my perspective, it encourages members to
      disconnect from family, friends and others outside the group due to
      members' supposed exalted state and, secondly, it leads to
      compartmentalization in the individual psyche in that members are
      described as "different than all others"..."Kings and Queens"
      who "must look upon ourselves as heirs to the keys to heaven,
      appointed by the Sugmad." I believe Twitchell's statements seduce,
      entice and elevate members to an unrealistic status they can never
      attain while promoting an exaggerated sense of self and one's power
      in the world. In narcissistic fashion, this plays upon omnipotent,
      omniscient fantasies usually found at the developmental age of a
      young child, in my opinion, normalizing egocentricity as an adult
      developmental ideal.

      The terms "heirs to the keys to heaven" caught my eye as I have some
      writing on my desk which I recently came across regarding the way
      the "Kabalarian" "religion" promotes itself. Does this sound
      familiar to you experienced former members? Kabalarianism, founded
      in the 1930's, claims to be "the master key to all religious
      theoriesÂ…(which) contains the answer to every human problem,
      physical, mental, or material." This system appears to be based
      on "numerology" and "age-old mysteries" linked to one's name. Of
      course, in eckankar we were told Pythagorus was an "eck master" who
      supposedly worked with the mystery of numbers . Newly recruited
      Kabalarians change their name (another cult tactic for control) .

      Eckankar members learn to split "inner" and "outer" aspects of
      the "master" and/or reality, itself, in my experience, which,
      unfortunately, allows them to remain loyal to the leader, dogma and
      group while also denying vital aspects of themselves including
      their critical thinking and individual world view.


      > From: "leaf" <kentaddleman@e...>
      > Newsgroups: alt.religion.eckankar
      > Subject: "The Angel of Death Does Not Listen To Their Cries..."
      > -Klemp
      > Date: 31 May 2005
      > The following is a verbatim copy of Klemp's article which
      > appeared in the Mystic World, December, 1998:
      > "The Chosen People...
      > You are one of them. Read chapter seven of The Spiritual
      > Notebook, "the Steps to the Secret Kingdom." Its your homework.
      There you
      > will find out what makes you an heir to the keys of heaven."
      > [Since I had recently dug out my copy of The Spiritual Notebook
      > from my pile of boxes in storage, I happen to have it handy. Here
      is the
      > quote Harold refers to]:
      > "As the instrument for this greatest spiritual power within all
      > universes, we must take hold of the basic idea that we are the
      > people. This makes us different from all the others in this world,
      and we
      > must look upon ourselves as heirs to the keys to heaven. We are
      the kings
      > and queens of the earthly realm, appointed by the divine SUGMAD to
      > our places here as ITS representatives. We are to act as Godly
      > through which the ECK flows to the world and uplifts humanity.
      > By divine right we have become the chosen people. And, because
      > we have accepted the responsibility of carrying out the will of
      god, it
      > is necessary that that we have the faith and knowledge of being
      the people
      > of God.
      > Those who do not belong in the spiritual works of ECK have either
      > rejected this path or do not know of it. They will have to wait
      until the
      > time is ready for each to accept the Mahanta, the Living ECK
      > These people are in a sort of limbo, whether it is in the past
      > or modern times. They will go through lifetime after lifetime
      > why they must suffer, for the Angel of Death does not listen to
      > cries for mercy but places them back into another life, to pay for
      > karma."
      > Spiritual Notebook, pg. 117-118
      > This is the full, unedited quote Harold told all members to look
      > up for their homework. How could he have been more clear? Now,
      > himself seems to reflect the consciousness some Eckists seem to
      > This is a trend that is hard not to notice in the last few years
      > in eckankar. Increasingly one sees this odd form of rhetoricle
      > acrobatics as eckists bend over backwards to justify the numerous
      > contradictions found in eck culture. Still, its not that I don't
      > or that I fail to understand their behavior, having been there.
      When a
      > master figure deliberately makes contradictory statements, in the
      > Orwellian "double speak" form, extremely loyal chelas are left
      > reconciling these differences as best they can. The result is
      similar to
      > what happens with children whose parents have lied to them. There
      > confusion, denial, and perhaps a suspension of critical
      > thinking, since that would only deepen the unwanted turmoil, which
      > usually unrecognized. It is perhaps the ability to be loyal to an
      > or cause that prevents some of these folks from being more
      > objective. This type of personality may have the most difficult
      > breaking faith with the ideals long adhered to to find freedom.
      > Leaf
      > P.S. The disconnect between modern day eckists and the eck
      > teachings is rather odd. More and more, the statements of their
      > masters are being rejected as the followers wrestle with the task
      > coping with some of the absurdities in the works. More and more,
      one hears
      > them say, "the outer writings mean nothing, the outer master
      > not be followed, I follow only the inner master," etc., etc. This
      > provides them with an easy way out when confronted with any
      statement in
      > the writings that is difficult to defend.
      > -----------
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