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What the Bleep?: What the ???

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  • tygerpurr
    Thought I d repost from a discussion I m in at eckankartruth on the Ramtha movie. Some people just don t get it!!! ***I respectfully disagree. A lot of this
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2005
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      Thought I'd repost from a discussion I'm in at eckankartruth on the
      Ramtha movie. Some people just don't get it!!!

      ***I respectfully disagree. A lot of this movie and the so called
      "Truths" that it extols, are really prone to a kind of "New Age"
      artificial guilt. IMHO, all thoughts and feelings, sensations etc.,
      "goood and baaad" have there place. I don't agree that believing that
      you can always choose your inner environment necessarily makes it so.
      It is wishful thinking and in some cases a denial of the authentic
      self, who we are for better and sometimes for worse. For me compassion
      is the key, not some strict necessary environment that is chosen at all
      times. Like I said before, I found the movie cultish in many ways.
      Anyone who says there are absolutely no "victims" ever is not really
      paying attention. Collateral damage of human life in the Middle East
      and Iraq is definitely an example of how the "New Age" thinking can
      distort what is really going on in the world. Feeling sad or happy or
      angry or afraid are all equally valid states, and part of living and
      healing. Sometimes life is just tough and hard and rugged. We simply
      do our best. And sometimes life is simply marvelous and wonderful,
      without doing anything.

      Question Authority


      --- In eckankartruth@yahoogroups.com, ShabdaHu <shabdahu@y...> wrote:
      > This is a good description of how I viewed the film, too. I didn't
      find the path related talk involved in it to be heavy in anyway and
      what was alluded to was only basics of yoga descriptions, anyway, and
      what you'll find in most kundalini/kriya/Patanjali type paths. (And
      which do get into a lot more detail about things siddha and beyond
      than one can find in paths like Eckankar and Sant Mat). And there are
      two science addicts in my environment who otherwise understand little
      about things yoga who found the film quite interesting and which
      perhaps served to open a few doors for them.
      > The scene in the basketball court was, in my interpretation, simply
      the kid trying to coax the girl to realize that she had the power to
      change her internal environment as she was a depressed kind of person
      living in past events. He was trying to show her some of the "magic"
      that existed in simply her physical environment, and how much it
      wasn't as it appeared (it's not really solid and nothing actually
      touches anything else, for example), and if she could realize that
      about her external environment, perhaps she could better realize her
      own empowerment to change her internal environment and even her body
      with simply the power of her thoughts, her choices in thoughts and
      emotions, etc.
      > jjamie1977 <jjamie1977@y...> wrote:
      > Harvey, I didn't really catch the film talking about quantum physics
      as a path to enlightenment (maybe I was heating the nachos). I saw it
      more as an attempt to enlarge what we generally know to be "true". For
      example, to use something simple, humanity once knew it was "true"
      that the world was flat, and that the sun rotated around the earth.
      > etc. Quantum physics appears to alter some perceptions about what we
      "know" to be true.
      > For a long historical while science has led us away from religion.
      Quantum physics is saying things that saints have said forever.
      Quantum physics taking the external route, so to speak; while the
      saints made their discoveries via the inner route.
      > Also, I do think of quantum physics as a language; just another way
      of expressing one's experience. A christian might understand and
      express one way, the psychologist one way, the scientist another.
      > jjamie....
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