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KLEMP LIES: Another Reason

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    Radhasoami Studies] Faqir Chand on my guru is true and yours isn t as high Tuesday, December 30, 2008 4:45 AM From: This sender is DomainKeys verified
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      Radhasoami Studies] Faqir Chand on "my guru is true and yours isn't as
      Tuesday, December 30, 2008 4:45 AM
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      On my way back from Lahore I used to stay at Malkway Railway Station.
      There a book stall agent used to give discourses on Radhaswami Mat.
      Once the agent refused to share his huqqa (an Indian smoking pipe
      used for tobacco) with me. "We are both Brahmin by caste, why have
      you refused to share your huqqa with me?" I inquired. He surprised me
      by responding, "Babu Kamta Prasad Sinha (alias Sarkar Saheb) is the
      only true incarnation of Radhaswami Dayal." [Babu Kainta Prasad Sinha
      was at that time head of the Radhasoami Satsang at Ghazipur in Uttar
      Pradesh.] He meant thereby that I had not been ini- tiated by a true
      guru and thus was not a true satsangi. I very politely said to
      him, "Dear brother, God is one. He belongs to all and all belong to
      Him. He may manifest to his devotees in different forms at different
      places and different times. But if you do not agree with me, then let
      me write a letter. You mail this letter to your guru. His reply in
      any form shall be accepted as final and I shall abide by it."

      There and then I wrote the letter, shedding tears of love and
      devotion for the Supreme Lord and handed it over to the gentleman to
      post it to his guru. After fifteen days I was told that Babu Kamta
      Prasad Sinha had breathed his last and should wait for a reply until
      his successor was chosen. From this incident I concluded that
      followers of Radhaswarni Mat [Ghazipur] were not impartial and true
      seekers of the ultimate reality. Their approach towards the all-
      embracing Truth was narrow and very sectarian. Hence, I gave up their
      company and avoided all blind followers thereafter. Even if anybody
      wished me "Radhaswami, " I responded with "Ram Ram."
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