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Irfan (Gnosis) of Colony Collapse Disorder

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  • Dara Shayda
    In The Blessed Name of the Lord of the Honey Bees SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP), 2008 -- A survey of bee health released Tuesday revealed a grim picture, with
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008
      In The Blessed Name of the Lord of the Honey Bees

      SAN FRANCISCO, California (AP), 2008 -- A survey of bee health
      released Tuesday revealed a grim picture, with 36.1 percent of the
      nation's commercially managed hives lost since last year. Bees are
      dying at unsustainable levels, the president of the Apiary Inspectors
      of America says. Last year's survey commissioned by the Apiary
      Inspectors of America found losses of about 32 percent. About 29
      percent of the deaths were due to "Colony Collapse Disorder" (CDD), a
      mysterious disease that causes adult bees to abandon their hives.

      Renee Johnson
      CRS Report for US Congress, Aug 2007
      How CCD Differs from Past Bee Colony Losses
      Ways in which current bee colony losses seem to differ from past
      losses include:

      1. colony losses are occurring mostly because bees are failing to
      return to the hive (which is largely uncharacteristic of bee behavior):

      Irfan (Gnosis) of Colony Collapse Disorder

      Honey Bee has an inexorable link to the human spirituality on this
      planet. It is not a living organism like any other, and it is
      disappearing from USA at alarming numbers. Simply the Honey Bees fly
      off the hive and never to return and no corpses found. This treatise
      deals with the Irfan (Divine Gnosis) of the Honey Bee and her
      inter-relationship with the human being on this planet:

      http://www.untiredwithloving.org/honey_bee_68_69.html#2_sentences Two
      verses 16:68-69 of Qur'an in Surah Honey Bee are explicated,
      especially from the grammar point of view. In particular the emphasis
      has been on the colloquial misunderstandings and what the verses DO
      NOT SAY.

      http://www.untiredwithloving.org/honey_bee_68_69.html#stomachs Why
      Allah has mentioned the Honey Bee's stomach in plural i.e. her stomachs?

      http://www.untiredwithloving.org/honey_bee_68_69.html#drink `drink of
      varying colors' is researched especially why it is called a drink and
      not honey!

      While in grammar of the Arab the Honey Bee can be both gendered as
      male and female, why the verse insists on using the pronoun `her'?
      Linkage made of this usage to the concept of putative human-like
      self/psyche for Honey Bee.

      Genomic research was found on the Honey Bee Silk within the hive and
      how its genomic sequences tell us tales about the history of what
      Allah did to this animal so she was altered different than other
      non-honey bees and actual gene expressions that tell tales of a
      control-layer of activities within her brain that could be the
      self-psyche candidates.

      Genomic research sheds light on the usage of Thumma (Then with delay)
      between the two verses and how and why this delay is necessary and
      recorded within the nucleotide sequences of the Honey Bee genome.

      http://www.untiredwithloving.org/honey_bee_68_69.html#fana Honey Bee
      is a spiritual being, in full state of Fana (Evanescence), millions of
      years prior to the appearance of human beings; she prepared this earth
      for the eventual spiritual evanescence of the mankind.

      How a man's stomach lies and how those lies make the impact of the
      Honey on his health nil! This is a refined example of the human
      relationship to the Honey Bee that goes beyond the enjoyment of some
      sugary syrup.

      http://www.untiredwithloving.org/honey_bee_68_69.html#za_li_ka A
      preliminary study of the standing phrase Za-Li-Ka from both the
      grammar point of the view as well as the spiritual point of view and
      what happened to the Prophet when this oft-repeated phrase was used.
      Without full understanding of this Za-Li-Ka much of the Qur'an and its
      relationship to the Prophet cannot be cognized.

      --DARA The Eyeless Lion
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