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FIA blast traumatises Lahore Zoo animals

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  • mianwaheed
    FIA blast traumatizes zoo animals LAHORE: Last month s bomb blast on The Mall (Federal Investigation Agency office) in Lahore has not only panicked citizens,
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2008
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      FIA blast traumatizes zoo animals
      LAHORE: Last month's bomb blast on The Mall (Federal Investigation Agency office) in Lahore has not only panicked citizens, but also the Lahore Zoo animals. The Zoo authorities said that there was no trauma treatment facility for the animals.
      Reportedly, the recent bomb blast had affected the Zoo animals. The Zoo officials said that the animals were terrified after hearing the ear-deafening blast. A zoo official said, “Peacocks keep on shouting and the chimpanzee throws its food out of the cage. Zebras have also shown signs of fear and are not taking their food properly.” Suzi, the zoo’s only elephant, also seems scared after the bomb blast and it has also stopped participating in activities. Lahore Zoo Director Yousaf Pal said, “The animals were frightened after the bomb blast on The Mall. Cage keepers have been directed to give company to the animals.”
      University of Veterinary and Health Sciences Dr Masood Rabbani said that the zoo animals should be treated properly. He said, “If the animals show anger, they should be given anti-anxiety pills.” Dr Shakeel, a veterinary doctor, said, “Psychological impacts exist in animals and they take time to recover from trauma.”
      A senior leader of the Muslim League (Q), Sheikh Rasheed said that Muslim League (N) is not doing enough. He blamed PPP & Muslim League (N) in general and Shareef brothers in particular for ignoring the plight of the traumatized animals. He said the new government of Syed Gillani has not announced the psychological treatment of the animals of Lahore zoo in government's agenda.
      A senior spokesman of the new prime minister said, "If needed, we will get the services of highly qualified psychologists in the country to treat the animals of Lahore Zoo. Every animal will get a psychological evaluation and two sessions with a qualified psychologist to ensure no animal is left behind." He dismissed Sheikh Rasheed's allegations and accused Muslim League (Q) for conspiring to derail the government of PPP, Muslim League (N) & ANP. He warned the public not to be politically manipulated by those who have lost public confidence and support in last elections.

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