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Update on "Message to America"

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  • eric britton
    A quick update on this collaborative project which is doing very nicely and is still open to your active participation, either by reviewing and commenting on
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2009

      A quick update on this collaborative project which is doing very nicely and is still open to your active participation, either by reviewing and commenting on what we have thus far assembled or, if we are lucky, having a contribution for you so as to fill out what is genuinely starting to be a worldwide perspective on transportation innovation and messages for America.


      To get yourself up to date, I attach a set of extracts from the draft report in progress, and would draw your attention to the introductory section which explains the game plan and intentions.  In addition to the continuing work and many excellent contributions that are coming in, there have been two rather important changes that would like to draw to your attention right now:


      ·         The closing date for the contributions has now been set back to 19 February.  This gives me a week to finalize, edit, polish, etc. the report, which will then be submitted to the editors of the National Journal in Washington DC on 26 February.


      ·         It has also been decided with John Whitelegg that we will be doing a Special Edition of the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice which will appear this spring.  I am especially pleased about this because it means that all of our hard work will not only get a first use to stimulate discussions and hopefully some action in Washington DC, but also that it will then get out to a much broader audience and be available to our friends and colleagues around the world for consultation and use at our usual price, that is free.


      Have a look at the list of countries just below which covers the contributions thus far received, And if you do not see your country there, perhaps you will give some thought to an article, author, or point that you might like to see taken up under your national heading.  I for one would like to see more from Eastern Europe, Russia, and all of the now dispersed nations of the dear old Soviet Union (sob!), and I know that there are some projects and policies in South Africa, Tanzania, and other parts of Africa which really do have lessons for transportation planners and officials in the United States.  Off the top of my head I can think in terms of things like shared taxis (by their many names), small bus systems, street sharing (formal and informal), the odd bike project, and the several BRT projects that are making their way, but I know there are others as well.  And projects in Latin America, North Africa, the Middle East and throughout Asia.


      There is also the matter which is brought up in the Polish essay by friend Marek Utkin, which he is entitled “We badly need a new American transportation model (somebody broke the one you sent us)”.  I think that is a great and timely (and funny) theme and I would like to see others of you building on this approach.  This too is a message for America.


      That’s it.  You will see our list of countries thus far and authors thus far just below, but that place you really want to go to see where things stand is the attached -- and should you wish to obtain a copy of the latest version of the full report, this will always be available at www.messages.newmobility.org .


      I look forward to hearing from you on this, and hope you appreciate all the hard work of our colleagues are putting into this.




      Eric Britton







      Austria, Australia, Canada, Estonia, Europe, France, Germany, Global South, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the
      United States of America


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