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FW: Announcing Planet2025 Voices - Share your Vision, Shape the Future

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  • eric britton
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    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 25, 2009
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      Video: Humanity's Window of OpportunityIt is with great pleasure to announce the launch of Planet2025 Voices, our new blog. We hope it will evolve into a stimulating place for dialogue, reflection, and action. Multiple blog voices will be offering a broad range of perspectives about humanity's window of opportunity to shape a positive and hopeful future. 

      Planet2025 Voices complements our weekly news service Planet2025 News; its focus is on the sharing of opinions and ideas about a planet in peril, humanity at the crossroads,  the challenges we face, and co-creation of the solutions we require. The blog also features opinion and analysis contributions on the values, norms, rules, and spirit of individual, aswell as collective transformation processes that can propel humanity towards a globally sustainable way of life by 2025.

      BlogVoicesOur blog's voices are highly accomplished individuals with stimulating backgrounds and life stories; it makes them uniquely qualified to nurture our thinking, to engage us about future scenarios for the decades ahead, and to show how we as global citizens, citizens of nations, and members of communities and organizations everywhere can prepare and play a positive role in the creation of a life supporting civilization. We also invite contributions from guest voices as part of our mission to stimulate broad participation and a diversity of views. Contact us if you are interested to write for us.

      This month's blog stories: Green Real Estate: Growing Internationally by Leanne Tobias, Values need to Match Reality by Stephen Leahy, Worldwide Wisdom on Transportation by Eric Britton, 2009 Signs of the Times by Laura Durham, Anticipating 2009 by John Petersen, The Imperative of Trust by Tom Wojick, and more.....

      Take action: subscribe to our blog's feed, send us your comments and feedback, help shape the future, be part of a shared journey.We hope you will join us for what is slated to be an exciting ride.

      With kind regards,


      Steven Lovink
      Planet2025 Network




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