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Research Associates/Fellows in Sustainable Mobilities and Travel Behaviour

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  • eric britton
    From: Erel Avineri [mailto:Erel.Avineri@uwe.ac.uk] Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:46 PM To: eric.britton@ecoplan.org Subject: Research Associates/Fellows
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      From: Erel Avineri [mailto:Erel.Avineri@...]
      Sent: Thursday, January 22, 2009 11:46 PM
      To: eric.britton@...
      Subject: Research Associates/Fellows in Sustainable Mobilities and Travel Behaviour


      Dear Eric,

      Would you kindly promote the following research opportunities through the new mobility or other relevant networks?



      Research Associates/Fellows in Sustainable Mobilities and Travel Behaviour

      The Centre for Transport & Society (CTS) is recognised for its particular focus upon changing travel behaviours and sustainable mobility. Bringing together expertise in transport and in social sciences CTS aims to improve and promote understanding of the inherent links between lifestyles and personal travel in the context of continuing social and technological change.

      Further to securing substantial involvement in four new research projects to be pursued in 2009 and beyond, CTS is seeking to make a number of Research Associate or Research Fellow appointments. The four projects are as follows:

      *       Renaissance - a European Union demonstration project focused
      upon urban transport sustainability. in which CTS will be involved in designing and evaluating measures to be implemented in the city of Bath
      *       Grey and Pleasant Land?: An interdisciplinary exploration of the
      connectivity of older people in rural civic society - CTS will be examining the mobility needs of older citizens and how they can be provided for in a sustainable way.
      *       A new study exploring how information on the environmental
      'costs' of journeys can influence travel choice - CTS will be investigating socio-psychological factors that govern individuals'
      propensity to change their travel behaviour and considering the formats of information provision that may be effective in encouraging behaviour change.
      *       A new study into the role of non-transport technologies in
      shaping patterns of travel - this collaborative research will aim to chart past and present and especially future non-transport technologies and their (potential) impacts upon social practices and patterns of transport and mobility.

      We look forward to receiving applications from strongly-motivated individuals seeking to extend and develop their research skills in a dynamic academic environment.

      For further details see www.transport.uwe.ac.uk

      Closing date for applications: 15 February 2009

      Expected date for interviews: 27 February 2009


      Dr Erel Avineri
      Reader in Travel Behaviour
      Centre for Transport & Society
      School of the Built and Natural Environment
      Faculty of Environment and Technology
      University of the West of England
      Frenchay Campus
      Coldharbour Lane
      Bristol BS16 1QY, UK
      Telephone: 0117 32 83197
      Fax: 0117 32 83899
      Email: Erel.Avineri@...
      Web: http://www.transport.uwe.ac.uk/


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