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What lessons can America learn from the rest of the world . . .?"

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  • eric britton
    “What lessons can America learn from the rest of the world . . .?” Game Plan for group project as of 16 Jan. 09 Topic: You are invited to contribute a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 17, 2009

      “What lessons can America learn from the rest of the world . . .?”


      Game Plan for group project as of 16 Jan. 09


      Topic:  You are invited to contribute a short statement/recommendation (250 words max!!) outlining a single concept, policy, practice, project, program idea that you feel the Obama transportation  team will do well to look at seriously as they prepare to lead transportation policy in America for the next four years.


      Organization: An informal group initiative being organized under the editorial direction of Eric Britton and the New Mobility Agenda. The idea is to tap the rich backgrounds, knowledge  and imaginations of the more than two thousand colleagues and groups who regularly share information, ideas and materials under the various focus programs of the Agenda. Colleagues around the world are being invited to share their thoughts and recommendations in succinct form as a group compilation, being organized and presented by Britton who has been invited to serve as one of the panel members, with a particular responsibility for providing international coverage of perspectives.


      Background:  Selected contributions to be posted to National Journal 2009 Transportation Expert  Panel: http://transportation.nationaljournal.com/ to open up this question on Monday a.m., 26 Jan. 2009


      Submittal deadline – Friday, 23 January 2009


      Subject heading:  “What lessons can America learn from the rest of the world . . .?” (kindly retain this heading exactly for Search purposes, see below)


      Post your proposed recommendation to: editor@...

      -          who will review, possibly contact you with minor editorial/layout  suggestions, then post to the New Mobility Café  where you can view all items to date via http://groups.yahoo.com/group/NewMobilityCafe/msearch?query=%22what+lessons%22&submit=Search&charset=ISO-8859-1


      Submittal format (As below, kindly respect):


      1.     Message from (Country name)


      2.     Subject line (10 words max. to set stage for entry)


      3.     Text: 250 words max!!! (Yes I know it’s hard)


      4.     URL Ref: (As available to support your entry)


      5.     Signature block (3 lines, my example)

      Eric Britton – eric.britton@...

      New Mobility Partnerships – www.newmobility.org

      Paris, France


      Updates: It upon reflection and/or  upon reviewing the other commentaries you wish to modify your original presentation, please send your revised text to editor@...


      Sharing this invitation: Please do if you have colleagues or lists whom you think may be able to come up with additional ideas and entries.





      Idea Joggers – Just in case


      In the unlikely event that nothing comes to mind immediately, you may want to run down this list to see if you get an idea-joggers for an entry. It is cryptic and chaotic, but brings up some interesting concepts. (Additions to this rough list are very welcome).



      1.     "Strategies for the screamers"

      2.     "They are supposed to scream"

      3.     “Free” public transport

      4.     “Slugging”

      5.     “Wrong way”  bike lanes

      6.     Active travel directions

      7.     Activity nodes/clustering

      8.     Alternating odd/even license plates

      9.     Auto-free zone

      10.  Award & prize programs

      11.  Barriers to change

      12.  Behavior modification

      13.  Bicycle helmets

      14.  Bicycle university

      15.  Bike and Walk Summit

      16.  Bike delivery services 

      17.  Bike/transit interface

      18.  Bollards

      19.  Blogs

      20.  Breathing streets (weekends and holidays)

      21.  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT)

      22.  Car buy-back programs

      23.  Car Clubs

      24.  Car control strategies

      25.  Carfree Cities

      26.  Carfree Days

      27.  Carfree housing

      28.  Carfree Sundays

      29.  Car pool

      30.  Car reduction schemes

      31.  Car rental innovations

      32.  Car-like mobility (implications)

      33.  Carpooling

      34.  Carsharing

      35.  CarSharing - city strategies

      36.  CarSharing city label programs (Pairs Label Autopartage)

      37.  CarSharing laws or ordinances

      38.  Carte Orange (fare cards)

      39.  Change Management

      40.  Children's and school programs

      41.  Ciclovias

      42.  Citizen activism and dialogue

      43.  City cycle programs (shared use)

      44.  City to city projects

      45.  CIVITAS Forum

      46.  Clean vehicles and fuels (how to . . )

      47.  Clear Zones

      48.  Climate/Transportation Initiatives

      49.  Co-housing

      50.  Community outreach

      51.  Community Street Audit

      52.  Community Transportation

      53.  Commuting alternatives

      54.  Company mobility management

      55.  Complete streets

      56.  Congestion charging

      57.  Congestion pricing

      58.  Contingency Planning

      59.  Continuity (of programs, people)

      60.  Cops on bikes

      61.  Cops on skates

      62.  Critical Mass, bike and skate "masses"

      63.  CURBBBB

      64.  Cycling access and support

      65.  Demand-responsive transport (DRT)

      66.  Dial A Ride

      67.  Digital hitchhiking

      68.  Directories/libraries of transport innovations

      69.  Distance work

      70.  Downtown revitalization support

      71.  Driver training

      72.  Dynamic transit systems

      73.  Economic instruments

      74.  Education

      75.  Elderly and handicapped transport

      76.  Electric or ecological vehicles (??)

      77.  ELTIS, the European Local Transport Information Service

      78.  Employer contributions

      79.  Employer transport programs

      80.  Enforcement Strategies

      81.  Enforcement technologies

      82.  Enforcement/penalties

      83.  Enforcement

      84.  EPOMM - European Platform on Mobility Management

      85.  Ethics vs. rules on the street

      86.  EU programs/approaches

      87.  Eurocities

      88.  e-Work

      89.  Exemplary cities (outstanding examples including such as Zürich, Paris, Vauban, Strasburg, Seville, Amsterdam, etc. etc. Please add your candidates to this list.)

      90.  Fair Transport Labeling

      91.  First half-hour free

      92.  Flexible working hours

      93.  Flextime

      94.  Free public transport

      95.  Freight bicycle

      96.  Freight/goods movement innovations

      97.  Full cost pricing

      98.  Funding sustainable transport

      99.  GART (national associations of  city transport planners)

      100.                Goods movement and delivery

      101.                Green streets

      102.                Health and Fitness

      103.                Hitch-hiking (Organized and other)

      104.                Home delivery services

      105.                Home zones

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