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  • Eric Britton
    The Commons - Newsletter and Update of Sunday, May 05, 2002 Major Overhaul of Web Site The web site of The Commons at http://ecoplan.org
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2002

      The Commons – Newsletter and Update of Sunday, May 05, 2002


      Major Overhaul of Web Site

      The web site of The Commons at http://ecoplan.org has undergone a thorough overhaul and update, with the intention of making it into the fully current main portal of all the projects and programs that it supports, including of course the Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice.  We invite you to visit the site and see what is going on under The Commons Sustainability Agenda.


      Shed Your Car Day and the Regional Car Free Days Practicum in Fremantle Australia:

      The UN Practicum is slated to open on Wednesday of this week, with Fremantle’s third Car Free Day demonstration to open on Thursday the 9th.  One more small step toward sustainable transport in cities.  Have a look.  Follow the results. Give it some thought. 


      The Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities:

      The Commons is right behind the city of Stockholm for this world-wide exceptional sustainable cities program, with more than 220 innovative projects in from more than fifty countries all over the world. In the first week of June the city will be welcoming experts and groups from around the world to view the innovations and accomplishments of these exceptional projects.  Check it out.


      Send a Message to Johannesburg:

      From 26 August to 4 September this year, the United Nations World Summit on Sustainable Development will be convening in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Visit The Commons to see how we are getting together to send a Message to Johannesburg which is intended to help shape the discussions and collusions of this exceptional, path shaping ten year world wide event.


      Other Programs in Process:

      You may also want to check out the award winning @World Carshare Consortium,  the new nGroups.com program (New Ways to Work in an Information Society), the United Nations Car Free Days Programme, and others which may not only have useful information for you but in which you might also wish to get involved in some way.


      The Journal of World Transport Policy and Practice:

      And of course all the latest information on the Journal is here and just a single click away.


      Join The Commons @World Forum:

      Each program under The Commons maintains its own supporting library-communications center.  While all of the others are specifically designed and oriented to support the particular program in question, the @Forum of The Commons is the place where informed people and groups from around the world dialogue and exchange exception information on the world sustainability agenda.  (Like all the others, this is a carefully moderated low-volume forum.) All it takes to sign up is to click the link on the top menu or to send an email to mailto:the-commons-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.  (And all it takes to get off the list is to send a single blank email to the-commons-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com.)




      Try sending them to Eric Britton at The Commons.  We read our mail.


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