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Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) Update

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  • Eric Britton
    Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) Update September - November, 2008 This newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, news and events related
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      Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) Update


      September - November, 2008


      This newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, news and events

      related to our topic of interest. For more information or feedback,

      please contact sutp@..., or visit our website at www.sutp.org

      (China users go to www.sutp.cn)


      *****Project related News*****

      (For greater detail of the news below, please click the link below each



      GTZ Workshop in Cochin, India

      26 November 2008


      GTZ-Advisory Services in Environmental Management (ASEM), an

      environmental program with the Indian government, along with Cities

      Development Initiative for Asia (CDIA), conducted a workshop titled

      "Support of GTZ to JNNURM - Focus Urban Transport". The event was

      conducted on the 24-25th November 2008 in Cochin, Kerala at the Taj


      Former Bogot mayor Mr. Enrique Penalosa addressed the workshop as the

      chief guest. Dr. Axel Friedrich, Advisor for GTZ, also participated in

      the workshop and conducted a presentation entitled "Sustainable

      Transport, Public Transport Institutions and Integration".





      GTZ at BAQ2008

      14 November 2008


      The Better Air Quality 2008 Workshop was held in Bangkok, Thailand

      during 12-14th November, 2008. As pre-events to this workshop GTZ SUTP

      conducted two training courses and one pre-event. The training courses

      were on Mass Transit and Bus Rapid Transit Planning and Travel Demand

      Management respectively, while the pre-event was on Climate and

      Transport. Reports on these courses are available upon request.





      Overview on Transport Policy and Planning Documents

      14 November 2008


      GTZ compiled on an overview on transport policy and planning documents.

      The compilation aims at assisting practitioners and decisions-makers in

      benchmarking and developing sustainable policies in the transport sector.





      GTZ SUTP at CODATU XIII, Vietnam

      12 November 2008


      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ Senior Transport Advisor and Project

      Director of SUTP, presented at CODATU XIII conference held in Ho Chi

      Minh City on the 12th November, 2008. His presentation was entitled

      Capacity building and awareness raising on sustainable urban transport

      in Asia and is available for download here (registered users).





      Kyoto Declaration Signing by Asian Mayors

      12 November 2008


      The United Nations Centre for Regional Development (UNCRD), Ministry of

      the Environment- Government of Japan, and the Clean Air Initiative for

      Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), jointly organized the Special Event for the

      Signing of the Kyoto Declaration by Asian Mayors for the Promotion of

      EST in Cities, during the Better Air Quality (BAQ) 2008 Workshop, 12

      November 2008. In the Special Event, twelve more Asian cities - Bangkok

      (Thailand), Baguio (Philippines), Cebu (Philippines), Colombo (Sri

      Lanka), Batam (Indonesia), Guwahati (India), Karachi (Pakistan),

      Kathmandu (Nepal), Makassar (Indonesia), Makati (Philippines), Palembang

      (Indonesia), and Surat (India), signed the Kyoto Declaration.





      GTZ-Discussion paper: EXPLOIT FALLING MARKETS a contribution to the

      debate on fuel pricing mechanisms


      The current phase of sharply declining crude oil and petroleum product

      prices offers an opportunity for a critical investigation of the

      absolute level of pump prices for fuel and the nature and manner of

      adjustment of the price level. This includes the opportunity to move

      from ad hoc pricing towards formula-based automatic pricing at

      relatively low political cost. The same applies to the elimination of

      direct and indirect subsidies which should continue in parallel, and to

      the imposition of (possibly earmarked) tax on fuel. The discussion paper

      provides an overview of forms of fuel pricing in the transport sector.





      GTZ at the GTS08 Symposium

      10 November 2008


      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ Senior Transport Advisor, participated and

      presented at the German Thai Symposium (GTS) 08 held in Bangkok on 10th

      November 2008. The presentation was titled "Capacity Building and

      Awareness Raising on Sustainable Urban Transport in Asia" and can be

      downloaded here. Mr. Torsten Fritsche, GTZ- Thailand, also presented at

      the event with a presentation titled "Clean Development Mechanism in

      India Preparing a country for a complex global market"





      SUTP brochures in Bahasa Indonesia and Thai online

      04 November 2008


      SUTP users can now download the project brochures in Bahasa Indonesia

      and Thai. Further,  users can also download the International Fuel

      Prices 2007 and Tackling Climate Change in the Transport Sector

      brochures in English. Links to download are available here.





      GTZ-SUTP training course in Jakarta

      23 October 2008


      GTZ-SUTP conducted a training course at the Ministry of Transportation,

      Jakarta, Indonesia on 23rd October 2008. Course participants were

      invited from various Indonesian cities. The participants were chiefly

      people working in the city governments responsible for initiating and

      implementing urban transport projects and policies.





      GTZ and Metropolis International Institute - MoU signed

      21 October 2008


      GTZ signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Metropolis

      International Institute on 22nd October 2008 in Sydney on the event of

      the 9th World Congress of Metropolis.


      The principal objective of the MoU was to collaborate on building and

      strengthening capacities for local authorities in the field of

      sustainable mobility. Both organisations will address the objective

      through assistance to cities in developing and emerging countries by

      activities such as training, technical assistance and dissemination of

      international experiences and targeted work.





      GTZ-SUTP training at Metropolis, 2008 Sydney

      20 October 2008


      GTZ-SUTP in cooperation with Interface for Cycling Enterprise (I-CE) and

      Technical University Berlin (TU Berlin) offered a 2 day training course

      titled "Non-Motorised transport in metropolises - the undervalued urban

      mobility" from 20-21.10.2008, being part of Metropolis 2008. This

      training course was focussed towards planners, engineers and experts

      related to urban planning. The course was opened by the Lord Mayor of

      Sydney Ms. Clover Moore.





      Memorandum of Cooperation between GTZ-SUTP and CEPT

      26 September 2008


      GTZ-Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP) and the Center for

      Environmental Planning and Technology (CEPT, Ahmedabad) have signed a

      memorandum of cooperation at Visakhapatnam on the 26th September, 2008.

      Under this agreement, both organisations will strengthen cooperation in

      the area of urban transport development in the South-Asian region. It is

      also envisaged under this agreement that new programs/training courses

      and/or material development will be undertaken.





      GTZ-SUTP participates at BRTS conference in Visakhapatnam, India

      26 September 2008


      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, Senior Transport Advisor and Project Director of

      the Sustainable Urban Transport Project (SUTP), and Mr. Santhosh

      Kodukula, Urban Transport Expert of the SUTP participated in a Seminar

      cum Workshop on Bus Rapid Transit held between 24th to 26th September

      2008 at Visakhapatnam, India.

      The conference was organised by the Indo-German Institute of Advanced

      Technology and the Gayatri Vidya Parishad Engineering College. It was

      mainly sponsored by the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ), the

      Federal Transport Administration (FTA) of the United States of America,

      the Greater Visakhapatanam Municipal Corporation (GVMC), as well as

      other sponsors. More than 150 participants attended the event.





      GTZ SUTP participates at energy efficiency conference in Sao Paulo

      19 September 2008


      Carlosfelipe Pardo, project coordinator of GTZ SUTP, delivered a

      presentation on "Revitalization of public transport in Latin America -

      some lessons learnt" during the Energy Efficiency and Competitiveness

      Conference, organized jointly by IDB and GTZ Brazil.





      GTZ SUTP hosts a meeting on Ecomobility for Brazil

      16 September 2008


      GTZ SUTP held a meeting with Brazilian stakeholders from government,

      NGOs, academia and international organizations to discuss the potential,

      activities and timeline for an initiative on Ecomobility for Brazil, in

      partnership with ICLEI Ecomobility Alliance, GTZ Brazil, Secretaria de

      Verde y Meio Ambiente Sao Paulo, Interface for Cycling Expertise,

      Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, Clinton Climate

      Initiative, Pedala Brasil, and other key actors of the topic in Brazil.





      Quarterly Newsletter of JIKO

      09 September 2008


      The quarterly newsletter of the Joint Implementation and Clean

      Development Mechanism project (JIKO) development 2007-2009 from the

      Wuppertal Institute is available for download. The project aims at

      supporting the development of the national organisational structure and

      procedures that will be necessary for processing future CDM and JI

      projects. For this reason, the project works close together with JIKO in

      the German Federal Ministry of Environment, Nature Conservation and

      Nuclear Safety.





      Presentation in Cartagena

      04 September 2008


      Carlos Felipe Pardo from GTZ SUTP gave a presentation on Sustainable

      Financing for Public Transport, as part of the CONALTUR National

      Congress in Cartagena on August 29, 2008. The event was held with

      participation from various international organizations as well as the

      Colombian President, its Minister of Transport and the Secretary of

      Mobility of Bogot.





      GTZ at Plock 2008

      02 September 2008


      Armin Wagner (Transport Policy Advisor GTZ) participated in a joint

      UNITAR/GTZ workshop on Sustainable Urban Transportation: Transit

      Options" in Plock / Poland. In his presentation he gave an overview on

      recent international trends and developments in respect to bus planning.

      The workshop was attended by participants from local transport

      authorities from various cities in Central- and Eastern Europe.





      ***Upcoming Events about Sustainable Urban Transport****

      *segregated chronologically


      Date    : 15-12-2008

      Venue    : Beijing, China

      Title    : International workshop on integrated transport and

      sustainable urban development

      Link    :



      Date    : 18-12-2008

      Venue    : Bucharest, Romania

      Title    : Spicycles Bucharest Conference

      Link    :



      Date    : 05-01-2009

      Venue    : Mauritius

      Title    : Sustainability Conference 2009

      Link    :



      Date    : 14-01-2009

      Venue    : Washington DC, USA

      Title    : Transforming Transportation 2009

      Link    :



      Date    : 20-01-2009

      Venue    : Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

      Title    : Global City

      Link    :



      Date    : 21-01-2009

      Venue    : Amsterdam, Netherlands

      Title    : The Permanent Oil Crisis

      Link    :



      Date    : 22-01-2009

      Venue    : New Mexico, USA

      Title    : 8th Annual New Partners for Smart Growth

      Link    :



      Date    : 26-01-2009

      Venue    : Zurich, Switzerland

      Title    : AGS Annual Meeting 2009: Urban Futures: the Challenge of


      Link    :



      Date    : 26-01-2009

      Venue    : Brussels, Belgium

      Title    : CAST Final Conference: Final results presentation

      Link    :



      Date    : 28-01-2009

      Venue    : Dhaka, Bangladesh

      Title    : Climate Change and Urban Poverty

      Link    :



      Date    : 29-01-2009

      Venue    : Mumbai, India

      Title    : 6th International Conference on Good Urban Governance for

      Inclusive and Sustainable Cities

      Link    :



      Date    : 29-01-2009

      Venue    : Mumbai, India

      Title    : International Conference on Humane Habitat (ICHH) 2009

      Link    :




      More events can be viewed from the link below





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