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Update: Latest work and progress on Knoogle New Mobility 1.0 at http://knoogle.net

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  • Eric Britton
    Subject: Latest work and progress on Knoogle New Mobility 1.0 at http://knoogle.net Over the last weeks we have been working with a couple of grad students at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 29, 2008

      Subject: Latest work and progress on Knoogle New Mobility 1.0 at http://knoogle.net   


      Over the last weeks we have been working with a couple of grad students at the university of Michigan to extend and refine Knoogle New Mobility 1.0, which we now have to a point that it can fairly be called 1.1. Here is what has been accomplished thus far:


      1. We have carefully reviewed the original source list – bearing in mind that our target is specifically “new mobility” in all its main variant and  flavors --  kicked a certain number out, added more than one hundred new entries, and generally tried to upgrade it both in terms of its coverage and importance. (The database currently has close to five hundred carefully selected sites and sources.)
      2. In all this, we have keep to the fore that quality and not quantity are our goals in these searches. That of course being the big difference between Knoogle and Google.
      3. I have made a real effort in the last days to develop a creative link to Wikipedia. When we put it in its raw form originally, it started to overwhelm the results with too much stuff that is not useful. So we went in and nailed just those entries which in our view need to be brought into play in this case. One nice result is that in most cases in a first search the corresponding Wikipedia article will be found toward the top, kind of a nice checkpoint and reminder. Especially useful for anyone perhaps not so familiar with that concept or action.
      4. Here is one routine which in a few minutes will give a pretty good feel for how this can be put to work. Suppose you were going on an assignment to some city or country to look specifically at one or a range of new mobility techniques.  For example you are going next week to Delhi or Dublin or Denver, and you will be looking at public transport, BRT and non-motorized transport. Well, an hour or two spent with Knoogle will certainly help you prepare a good trip.
      5. In parallel we have developed a more focused Knoogle, this one looking specifically at carsharing developments and issues around the world. You can pick it up and test it at www.wcs.knoogle.net I have found it very good to be able to develop the two in parallel, learning from one and then taking the lessons to the other.
      6. Maybe we are far enough along in this process so that I can safely suggest that you consider spending a bit of time testing  it as a research tool, and then getting back to me if possible with your critical views  and suggestion for doing better.
      7. Among these might be sites which in your view appear to be missing, are valuable sources, and should be included. Don’t worry about any eventual overlaps, just hand on your thoughts on this and we will take care of the dog work from here.


      Hope you find some use in this. I look forward with real interest to hearing from you.


      All the best,


      Eric Britton


      PS. Just in case this somehow got overlooked, the basic strategic reference for all our work under the New Mobility Agenda  is http://strategy.newmobility.org/ . No. 11 is one that is very important to us, “The Female Metric: “If we design transportation systems that work well for women of all ages and conditions, they will work well for society as a whole. Women are the metric of new mobility.”  We will stand or fall on that one.



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