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The 2002 Taliban World Environment Prize Competition

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  • Eric Britton
    Re: Kathmandu anti-public transport even-odd rule during SAARC’s summit (oringal annoucment follows below) Ladies, Gentlemen, Others, Might we not at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 9, 2002

      Re: Kathmandu anti-public transport even-odd rule during SAARC’s summit (oringal annoucment follows below)

      Ladies, Gentlemen, Others,


      Might we not at Sustran, World Transport and our many extensions not get together and see if we can cobble together and offer the authors of this fabulous piece of legislation some high profile international booby prize?  Let's see, what might we call it?  The 2002 Taliban World Environment Prize?  (Also known perhaps as the LLEA - “Last Laugh Environment Award”?)


      Okay, there may be something slightly wrong with that title and I am sure that you all can do better.  But the only way that I can think of to bring the necessary pressure on this world level sad dumbness -- would be to see if we can laugh them out of it.


      Then if it actually works we might even think about institutionalizing it? We could even present it as an instrument of socio-technical change to the Johannesburg Summit in September. (And if it actually works, someone might even nominate it for one of the true international awards for accomplishment at the Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities – www.partnerships.stockholm.se/.)


      Could we network this?


      Refreshingly yours,


      Eric Britton


      PS. And your nominations for the 2002 Stockholm Partnerships Awards?



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      Subject: [sustran] Fwd: Kathmandu anti-public transport even-odd rule during SAARC summit



      An interesting item seen in

      Clean Energy NEWS

      Vol. 2, Number 6, January 8, 2002



      Even/Odd Rule: A Discriminating Transportation Policy


      During the recent SAARC Summit, held in Kathmandu, the government introduced the even/odd system, where vehicles with even number plates are allowed to enter the city on even numbered days and odd numbered vehicles in odd days, to control the number of vehicles within Ring Road. Although similar systems have been successfully introduced in many other cities where congestion is a problem, the one in Kathmandu was different in that only public vehicles had to follow this new rule while private vehicles were free to enter the city whenever they wanted. Usually it is the other way around. Restricting the access of private vehicles encourages the use of public transportation and thus reducing congestion and pollution while ensuring that people have access to affordable transportation services. In Kathmandu, however, the system caused a lot of inconvenience to people who have to depend on public transportation services.


      A recent study conducted by the Kathmandu Valley Mapping Programme of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, estimated that public transport vehicles accounted for only about 17.5 percent of the total vehicle kilometer performance on the urban road network in Kathmandu but they carried 60 percent of all passengers. This indicates that the new policy reduced the congestion by only about 17.5 percent while causing inconvenience to 60 percent of the commuters.


      The Coalition for Clean Environment (CCE), a network of 12 environment groups, has lodged a letter of protest in DoTM and Traffic Police Office against the new system, which discriminates against public transportation. Initially the government had announced that the new even/odd rule would be applicable to all vehicles. This is logical, but later private vehicles were spared from the rule probably to satisfy the rich and powerful sections of our society. Even the environmentally friendly vehicles like Safa Tempos have been restricted to ply on the occasion of SAARC Summit. CCE strongly feels that this is discriminatory rule and should not be continued in its present form.


      The Department of Transport Management is studying the possibility of having the even/odd system in Kathmandu permanently even after the SAARC summit. ...


      Edited by Bhushan Tuladhar, Anil K. Raut, and Bimal Aryal

      Clean Energy Nepal (CEN) and Martin Chautari (MC) are independent, not-for-profit organizations working in the field of Energy and Environment.



      CEN: 254 Sahayog Marg, Anamnagar, Kathmandu, Nepal

      P.O. Box: 8846, Tel: 977-1-242381 E-mail: cen@...


      MC: Thapathali, Kathmandu, Nepal

      P.O. Box: 13470, Tel: 977-1-256239 Fax: 977-1-240059 E-mail: chautari@...





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