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Vision zero - New York City

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  • Eric Britton
    Eric, Thanks for bringing our need to the attention of your network. We re interested in commissioning and publishing the article because we want to lead the
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      Thanks for bringing our need to the attention of your network. 


      We’re interested in commissioning and publishing the article because we want to lead the city of NYC to adopt a “Vision Zero” policy. As far as I know, this would be the first such policy tailored to a dense urban area.


      After several years of reduction, crash numbers here in NYC have plateaued somewhat. Political will has plateaued too.   That way we see it, VZ is the best way to convey that _any_ number of fatalities is unacceptable, to communicate that all fatalities are preventable (even when people make mistakes) and to win a host of solutions that we have been fighting for over the years in a more or less piecemeal fashion:  lower design speeds, automated enforcement, tougher punishment for reckless drivers, etc.


      The piece is for the “Provocateur” column of the next issue of Transportation Alternatives' _Reclaim_ magazine.  As I mentioned, it would be about 700 words long and appear on the inside front cover of the magazine (very good placement!).   our magazine goes to about 7,000 members and policy makers in the NYC area and is read my many thousands more on the web.


      Here’s an example of a previous piece:


      Provocateur: “Safety in Numbers” Redefines Road Safety



      one of  my board members encouraged me recently to compare the current attitude towards street fatalities here in NYC with what is happening at the Department of Buildings




      The department of buildings has zero tolerance for deaths.  They  have shut down building sites, and are under fire from some in the building community for slowing the pace of building.  You can read this article and substitute “transportation” for “buildings” and “streets” for “cranes” and get a glimpse of what we are trying to accomplish.








      Paul Steely White

      Executive Director

      Transportation Alternatives


      Our mission is to reclaim New York City's streets from the automobile, and to advocate for bicycling, walking and public transit as the best transportation alternatives.


      Sign up for our e-bulletin at www.transalt.org




      127 W. 26th Street

      Suite 1002

      New York, NY





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      Paul. You are going to get some interesting and I am sure useful responses from some of our colleagues.


      But it might help from this end if you could tell me in a few words (a) why you want to publish such an article, (b) at this time, and (c) with what hoped-for results.


      This can help me in my various discussions and exchanges to perhaps give you what you want.






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