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Workshop on the Transferability of Urban Transport Policy

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  • Eric Britton
    On Behalf Of S.G.Ison@lboro.ac.uk Dear SIG10 member We invite you to submit an abstract for a Workshop on the Transferability of Urban Transport Policy to be
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 15, 2008
      On Behalf Of S.G.Ison@...

      Dear SIG10 member

      We invite you to submit an abstract for a Workshop on the Transferability of
      Urban Transport Policy to be held in Gothenburg, Sweden on the 18th April

      The focus of the Workshop will be to explore the issues surrounding the
      transferability of policy from one urban environment to another. It will
      complement a study being conducted for the Volvo Research and Educational
      Foundations by Tony May, Greg Marsden and Karen Frick, and a presentation
      will be given of their findings.

      The Workshop will consider issues such as:

      * What motivates a particular city to adopt a policy which has been
      successful in another city?;
      * What motivates a particular authority to want to share/promote its
      * What types of information cities look for from other cities when
      seeking to develop a policy?;
      * What benefits can be gained from research projects involving
      'leaders' and 'followers' in terms of urban transport policy?;
      * What types of support specifically facilitate the consideration of
      policy transfer and what are the barriers to looking elsewhere?;
      * What lessons can be learnt from the implementation of particular
      policy instruments, such as road pricing, parking and travel plans, which is
      of relevance to other cities considering a similar cause of action?;
      * What role can awareness campaigns play?;
      * Examples of 'novel' policy innovations in evidence in a particular
      urban setting which might be suitable for transfer to other urban areas;
      * Socio, economic, political issues surrounding policy transfer;
      * Benchmarking of urban transport policy.

      The above is by no means exhaustive but is indicative of the areas likely to
      be covered. Papers on the experience with the implementation of specific
      policy instruments will be particularly welcome. The Workshop input can
      comprise case studies, examples of good practice and the experiences of
      unsuccessful policy transfer.

      The Volvo Research and Educational Foundations (VREF) - Future Urban
      Transport (FUT) will be holding the 4th International Conference on Future
      Urban Transport, Gothenburg, 20-21 April 2009. The aim of the Conference is
      to arrange a meeting place for decision makers, private sector and academics
      in the field of urban transport. The day before, 19 April 2009, is reserved
      for an academic workshop for presenting the latest research on FUT. See
      The SIG10 Workshop on the Transferability of Urban Transport Policy will
      take place on the 18 April 2009 and is open to all SIG10 members whether
      they submit a paper or not. All SIG10 participants will also be invited to
      the academic Workshop and also the 4th International Conference, for which
      there will be a Conference Registration Fee.

      Important Dates:

      Deadline for submission of abstracts: 24 October 2008

      Notification of accepted abstracts: 28 November 2008

      Deadline for submission of full papers: 20 February 2009

      The intention is to collate the papers from the Workshop into an Edited

      Please email your abstract (maximum 700 words) giving title of paper,
      authors affiliation and issue to be addressed, to Stephen Ison at

      Kind regards

      Stephen Ison
      Chair of SIG10
      Transport Studies Group, Loughborough University,
      Loughborough, UK
      Tel: +44 (0) 1509 222605
      Fax: +44 (0) 1509 223981
      Email: s.g.ison@...

      Guenter Emberger
      Institute for Transport Planning and Traffic Engineering (TUW-IVV)
      University of Technology Vienna
      Vienna, Austria

      Phil Charles
      Centre for Transport Strategy, The University of Queensland,
      Brisbane, Australia
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