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Stockholm Partnerships and its International Prize program

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  • Eric Britton
    Dear Friends, For those of us who are serious concerned with advancing the sustainability agenda in cities, there is something very interesting that is taking
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2002

      Dear Friends,


      For those of us who are serious concerned with advancing the sustainability agenda in cities, there is something very interesting that is taking shape in Stockholm for the next six months.


      The program in question is the Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities. It is a multi-part event which includes a first class interactive web site, an international competition for outstanding sustainability projects in cities world wide, and in the first week of June in Stockholm an Expo of the best of these projects together with a wide-open what you may think of as a conference until you see the way they have decided to bring people together to share ideas and learn from each other.  For more on this, I’d like to invite you to have a look at their excellent web site at www.partnerships.stockholm.se/


      My reason for getting in touch with you on this is to see if you can help us get the word out to cities and teams around the world that are leading the way with pattern-breaking projects in many areas which are helping achieve more sustainable and more socially just cities that are healthy and happy places for our children to grow up, learn and prosper in. So if you happen to know of projects or teams working with concrete projects that may not only be interesting in and of themselves in the place where they are being develop, but which also may have good potential for low cost replication in other places, anything that you can do to begin them into the Stockholm Partnerships Cities Innovation Knowledge will be most appreciated.  And while we are of course interested in the more familiar potential North/South transfer possibilities, it is the South/South transfers that are among our greatest concerns.  (And from my particular perspective, anything that can serve as a South/North teaching and information exchange tool will be particularly welcome and most timely.)


      Why should anybody take the time to add their project to this World Knowledge Base of Sustainable Cities Innovations?  Well because sometimes international acknowledgment can be a big help in generating local understanding and support of your concept.  And because it is, I believe, an interesting learning process in itself, as you look through and understand what others are trying to do to break the old patterns of unsustainability.  And finally, because this database is going to be maintained in the future and will certainly provide a valuable resource for others who can in this way benefit from your experience.  I perhaps should add that the fifty Finalist projects will all be invited to come to Stockholm for the June events, and if it is a team from a developing country without a budget, the organizers are going to try to find a way to lend a hand.


      You may also have other interested people, lists and networks with whom you can share this information.  And if that would not be too much trouble, it would be much appreciated by all of us who are working to make this the kind of success of which we are much in need, North and South.


      With all good wishes to you and your families for a happy and healthy 2002,




      PS. We are also on the lookout for a certain number of what I think of as “Pattern Break Concept Nominations”, ideas that may have been around for a number of years but which are still leading the way to sustainability in practice and in thinking in many places.  Examples of the sort of thing I have in mind which stem from the traffic/transport/cities side might include:


      ·         The Dutch Woonerf (1968, Gronigen, The Netherlands)

      • The Swedish Färdtjänst handicapped transport system (also known as STS, Special Transport Services) (1968, Gothenburg, Sweden?)

      ·         Carsharing – as an emerging world movement (multiple origins, tracing back to early seventies, with no one behind it other than entrepreneurship and good sense)

      ·         The Danish City Engineer Copenhagen Model in 1968 – “wherever you spot a bottleneck in the traffic, make it worse”

      ·         The Amsterdam White Bicycle and its descendants (Luud Schimmelpennink, 1967?)


      Thus if you have either further examples or, better yet, leads as to people or groups who are in a good position to make these nominations, it would be a great help.  Kind thanks in any event.



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