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INTA international conference 'Regeneration of Station Areas', France, September 2002

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  • Eric Britton
    I thought this might interest at least some of you, so here it is. eb, The Commons, Paris ... From: INTA [mailto:intainfo@inta-net.org] Sent: Monday, December
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      I thought this might interest at least some of you, so here it is.

      eb, The Commons, Paris

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      Subject: INTA international conference 'Regeneration of Station Areas',
      France, September 2002

      Dear Editor,

      The (re)development of station areas is both an urgent and a complex
      issue in many cities. Most of these regeneration projects have as
      objectives a better use of important public land frozen by inadequate
      transport infrastructure, the improvement of the function of
      transportation junctions and the intensification and extension of
      activities around the station area so that it becomes an integrated part
      of the urban fabric.

      For example, the Dutch National Spatial Planning Agency (RPD) is
      presently carrying out major key projects for (re)developing railways
      tracks and stations in the centre of six large cities. Similar projects
      are at different stage of design or implementation in other industrial

      The importance of public-private partnerships (PPPs) in urban
      regeneration projects has been recognised by the European Union. The
      European Ministers for Metropolitan Policy deliberated on how to promote
      more fruitful co-operation between the public and private sector. Given
      its size and its different partners (government organisations at
      different level, transport agencies, real estate developers, etc.) PPPs
      or Private Finance Initiatives (PFIs) are a crucial element in
      implementing the regeneration of station areas.

      To address these particular dimensions of regeneration INTA organises an
      international seminar to exchange on the instruments for an effective
      implementation of this complex and multi partners regeneration projects.
      Therefore, I hope you will be willing to assist us in identifying
      appropriate officials in your organisation who are responsible for the
      urban regeneration, transport and public-private partnership.

      I look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Yours sincerely

      Michel Sudarskis
      Secretary General

      INTA - the international network for urban development
      Nassau Dillenburgstraat 44
      2596 AE Den Haag
      The Netherlands
      Tel: +31-70-3244526
      Fax: +31-70-3280727

      INTA is an international network encouraging the exchange of
      information, experience and best practices on urban development and
      renewal across the world. It's missions are:
      - to act as an international forum and network for the collection,
      exchange and sharing of information and ideas on best practice in the
      development and growth of urban areas
      - to contribute to the world debate on urban development and
      - to promote public private partnerships on urban issues
      - to shape appropriate public and private sector policies for urban and
      regional development.

      Emphasis is on practical and realistic experiences which result in the
      improvement of urban areas for all inhabitants through proper
      application by the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.
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