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Transaid and a Way Forward for Transport Research in Africa

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  • Eric Britton
    This mail represents a “call to arms” for transport researchers interested in making an impact on the lives of those in the developing world. Transaid is
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      This mail represents a “call to arms” for transport researchers

      interested in making an impact on the lives of those in the developing world.


      Transaid is an international development charity which seeks to reduce

      poverty and improve quality of life through providing better access to

      basic services such as health, education and economic opportunities in

      Africa and other parts of the developing world.  By working with the UK

      transport and logistics industry Transaid builds local skills and

      knowledge to make transport safer, cheaper and more effective.


      Transaid seeks a world where transport contributes fully to a better

      quality of life in Africa and other developing countries.


      Our works focuses on 3 specific areas; firstly the implementation of

      transport management systems within public sector organizations such as

      Ministries of Health to help reduce transport costs and increase the

      efficiency of service delivery fleets. Secondly we work on issues

      associated with commercial driver training standards – specifically we

      help national Road Safety agencies develop national driver training

      standards throughout Africa whilst also working to build the capacity of

      driver training facilities at the grass roots level. Thirdly Transaid has

      a focus on providing access to healthcare through the logistical support

      which we give to existing health projects and through the development of

      health transport solutions such as bicycle and motorcycle ambulances for

      rural populations.


      Transaid often conducts monitoring and evaluation activities following its

      projects to analyse the impact of the interventions taken. However, we

      currently need a concerted research effort to help prove the efficacy of

      our work, to provide insight as to ways in which we could improve our

      future interventions and to provide a foundation for advocacy with

      international organizations such as the World Bank, Gates Foundation and

      US Agency for International Development (USAID).


      Transaid is calling out to researchers who have a keen interest in

      transport as a development issue, who would be willing to conduct research

      overseas in either West or Sothern Africa, and who would be able to assist

      in fund raising activities to support a programme of research.


      If you are interested in providing assistance to Transaid please contact

      Gary Forster, Transaid’s Head of Programme Development at

      <mailto:garyjforster@...@.... For more

      information about Transaid’s work please visit





      Gary Forster


      Head of Program Development


      Zambia Cell: 00260 979 454 700 (Currently in use)


      Swaziland Cell: 00268 660 9963


      South Africa Cell: 0027 782 131 829


      East Africa Cell: 00255 784 379 268


      Skype: gary.forster1


      Transaid - transport for life, 137 Euston Road, London, NW1 2 AA.


      Tel +44 (0) 20 7387 8136, Fax +44 (0) 20 7387 2669


      Registered in England and Wales as a company limited by guarantee no. 3511363


      Registered charity no: 1072105


      Visit our website at www.transaid.org


      Email Glenn.Lyons@...

      Web www.transport.uwe.ac.uk

      Office location - 4Q61


      International Network http://www.geo.uu.nl/mobilizingICT


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