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  • Eric Britton
    Enjoy Our Latest Newsletter! (Having trouble viewing this email? Go to
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      Great Streets Newsletter | June 2008

      Enjoy Our Latest Newsletter!


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      Please enjoy our latest newsletter, which focuses on PPS’s exciting transportation initiatives.  Together, we can create great streets!

      Fred Kent, President
      Project for Public Spaces


      Great Streets Newsletter

      Feature Story:

      An Introduction from Fred Kent

      This newsletter highlights examples and qualities of great streets around the world and raises the bar substantially on the challenge to change transportation as we know it. We can have great streets in every neighborhood, downtown, city and region...if we want them. PPS can help you realize this transformative movement in your own communities through our "Streets as Places" and "Thinking beyond the Station" initiatives.

      Through these efforts, PPS can help communities envision how they can reclaim their streets as places; provide technical assistance to communities who want to redesign their transit facilities as destinations and community anchors; offer training, facilitation and design guidance to transportation professionals and agencies to help them achieve community economic, social and quality of life outcomes; and partner with a city's local advocates and foundations to build a broader campaign around community-based transportation planning.

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      In This Issue:

      Reinventing Streets as Places

      Streets account for as much as a third of the land in a city, and historically, they served as public spaces for social and economic exchanges.


      Qualities of a Great Street

      PPS has identified ten qualities that contribute to the success of great streets.

      Attractions & Destinations.Having something to do gives people a reason to come to a place-and to return again and again...


      The Benefits of Community Building Through Transportation

      Growing reams of research show that communities with conveniently walkable streets and less dependence on autos for all their transportation needs see a host of other benefits.


      Bold Uses on Classic Streets

      The great cities of the world, both large and small, are known for their great streets- -whether grand boulevards or narrow, winding streets. They function as an urban bloodstream, pumping life through the city and connecting the most important destinations.


      Touring the World's Finest Streets

      A showcase of some of the world's best streets, as nominated by you!

      A central part of PPS's work is helping communities get the most out of their streets...


      My Favorite American Neighborhood

      A rousing success story that shows how great streets foster great communities

      Last year PPS and I published the Great Neighborhood Book , which offers hundreds of ideas from around the world about making community improvements...

      Our Transportation Team

      David Burwell
      Steve Davies
      Renee Espiau
      Fred Kent
      Ethan Kent
      Kathy Madden
      Cynthia Nikitin
      Gary Toth
      Millie Fells Johnson

      Please contact Renee Burillo for information about the campaign, the "Thinking Beyond the Station" program, current research on streets and related publications, the Street Audit, and the "Streets as Places" Training program.

      Maiking Places Staff

      Jay Walljasper
      Kathy Madden
      Robin Lester

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