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2008 World Technology Award for Environment - Help in collaborative nominations

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  • Eric Britton
    Dear Friends and Colleagues, It’s time for our collaborative nominations for this year’s World Technology Award for Environment. If you go to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2008

      Dear Friends and Colleagues,


      It’s time for our collaborative nominations for this year’s World Technology Award for Environment. If you go to http://wtn.net/awards.html you can see the basics on this year’s process and the award ceremony that is slated to take place in New York this year.  And here you have my first thoughts on this which I am pleased to share with you for comment, modification, etc. (Comments please to be addressed to NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com or if you prefer to me personally via eric.britton@....)


      WTN Nomination Guidelines For Environment: The World Technology Award for Environment considers technologies which aid in the conservation, renewal, or general ongoing health and sustainability of our natural environment (both flora and fauna; in air, on land, and in the sea).

      ·         Note: In our past and I might add successful nominations (see below) we have consistently stretched that key word “technologies” to include advances in “transformational socio-technical systems”, which seems to have worked.

      ·         For something on our thinking about these awards more generally see the attached short note on our prize philosophy.


      Past Nominations we have collectively supported: May I remind you first quickly that we have in the last several years got together to put our collective weight behind the nominations of . . . Hans Monderman for his life work, Jan Gehl for his continuing contributions in civilizing cities, the mayor and the city of Seoul for their Cheonggyecheon restoration technologies project, Ken Livingstone and the City of London team for their work in setting a new pattern for paying for scarce road space in cities, the City of Stockholm for their creation of the Stockholm Partnerships for Sustainable Cities, and the International Walk to School program.  

      ·         In all cases our collective support worked to gain this important  recognition for work so very well done.

      ·         For more on how this worked let me point you to our Reinventing Transport in Cities website at http://www.invent.newmobility.org where you can click Rewarding Initiative on the bottom left menu.


      2008 Group Award nomination: - AMOR - Austrian Mobility Research program – and the City of Graz for outstanding accomplishment in showing the way to a post-car city

      After due reflection and consultation, we have decided this year to nominate the AMOR - Austrian Mobility Research program – and the City of Graz for their outstanding work in creating a highly original, affordable, healthy, multi-layered new mobility environment that works.

      ·         Their work is led by Karl-Heinz Posch who has been at the wheel there since 1996. For more on their program let me point you to http://www.fgm.at – and if German is not your strong point this morning try the Google translate gizmo at http://translate.google.com/translate_t for a pretty fair working version.


      2008 Individual Award nomination: Jean-Claude Decaux of the firm of the same name for his initial role in seeing to it that the Vélo’v city bike project get built in Lyon in 2005 and thereby opened up the way for big city low carbon, high amenity, low cost (for instance free) mobility day after day after day.

      ·         In case you are not already up to speed on this, you can find more generic background on city bikes in general and the Lyon project at http://www.citybike.newmobility.org/ and at http://www.velov.grandlyon.com/Index.1.0.html?&no_cache=1&L=1

      ·         And if it rubs you the wrong way to support the accomplishment of a very wealthy person who among other things sells advertising space in public places, please do weigh this specific accomplishment, and understand that if he had not got behind these projects personally and 100%, and at a time when the model was anything but proved, they simply never would have happened. And the world would indeed be a poorer place.


      I would now like to open up this collaborative process and ask you for your reflections, suggestions and comments on any aspect of this.  Once I have a good set of comments, etc., I intend as usual to group them and share with the group as a whole. Once I have the final wave of feedback, off I go to make the final nominations.


      Thanks for lending your ideas and support to this.  


      Eric Britton


      Reinventing Transport in Cities – at http://www. invent.newmobility.org   


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