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SUTP Newsletter November 2007 - January 2008

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    Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update November, 2007 - January, 2008 GTZ-SUTP wishes all our registered users and subscribers a happy and
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      Sustainable Urban Transport Project (GTZ SUTP) update
      November, 2007 - January, 2008

      GTZ-SUTP wishes all our registered users and subscribers a happy and
      prosperous new year in 2008!

      This newsletter gives updates on the SUTP resources, news and events
      related to our topic of interest.. For more information or feedback,
      please contact sutp@..., or visit our website at www.sutp.org
      (China users go to www.sutp.cn ).

      *****Project related News*****

      (For greater detail of the news below, please click the link below each

      2008 Sustainable Transport Award Announced in Washington DC
      14 January 2008

      (Washington, DC – January 14, 2008) London and Paris edged out Guatemala
      City, Guatemala; Eugene, Oregon; and Pereira, Colombia to win the 2008
      Sustainable Transport Award, also supported by GTZ SUTP, which was in
      the evaluation committee. These cities were nominated for the 4th annual
      international honor for enhancing the sustainability and livability of
      their community or region by adopting innovative transportation
      strategies that lessen the impact of climate change by reducing
      transportation greenhouse and air pollution emissions.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/1041/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP participates at the Curb-Air project international workshop in
      12 January 2008

      Mr. Carlos F. Pardo, SUTP project coordinator, participated in the
      "Combating Urban Air Pollution and Climate Change in Asia: Project
      Opportunities and Role of CDM". The workshop was held at the NH Atlanta
      Hotel, Brussels, Belgium on the 09th January 2008.. Participants from
      India, China, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines were present at the event.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/1038/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP presentations in side event to COP 13, Bali
      29 December 2007

      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ Senior Transport Advisor and SUTP Project
      Director, presented on the 7th and 8th December at "Getting the climate
      right for transport", one of the side events at the UN Climate Change
      Conference , held in Bali, Indonesia. The event was organized by UITP
      (the International Association of Public Transport with some 3000
      members in 90 countries); UIC (the international union of railways for
      passenger and freight with 170 members on all five continents); the
      Transport Research Laboratory (a major think tank from UK that advises
      governments internationally on many transport issues); the GTZ (the
      German Technical Cooperation) and the Tokyo based Institution for
      Transport Policy Studies (a research and advisory body).

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/961/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ SUTECA - New Forum on Sustainable Urban Transport in Eastern Europe
      and Central Asia
      14 December 2007

      As a follow up of the workshops on sustainable urban transport in Plock
      (2006, 2007) and Tallinn (2007), UNITAR and GTZ SUTP are happy to
      introduce this newsgroup and webpage as focal point for professionals
      and decision-makers in the ECA-region in order to facilitate and to
      enhance the dialogue on sustainable urban transport. The web page
      www.sutp.org/suteca offers ample space for your contributions, news and
      information from the region and updates on on-going activities related
      to sustainable urban transport.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/979/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ supports the EcoMobility Alliance
      10 December 2007

      The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia saw the
      launch of a Global Alliance for Ecomobility, of which GTZ has also taken
      part. More than 30 global companies, business and user associations,
      expert organizations, local governments and United Nations agencies have
      joined together in a partnership for the integrated promotion of
      walking, cycling, wheeling and ‘passenging’ (the use of public
      transport) in cities.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/960/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ participation at 3rd Transpower Workshop
      09 December 2007

      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt and Mr. Armin Wagner, both from GTZ, participated
      in the 3rd TRANSPOWER workshop in Sibiu/Romania on 26-27th November
      2007. The workshop focused on non-motorized transport and featured
      high-level presentations e.g. by Michael Cramer (Member of European
      Parliament) on "From the Green Paper to cycling tracks – overcoming
      political barriers".

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/978/1/lang,uk/

      Spanish Translation of Module 7a: Gender and Urban Transport
      07 December 2007

      The Sustainable Urban Transport Project has published the Spanish
      translation of the module "Gender and Urban Transport" ("Género y
      Transporte Urbano"), originally written by Mika Kunieda and Aimée
      Gauthier. Registered users can download the module from the SUTP website.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/959/1/lang,uk/

      Spanish Translation of Module 5e: Transport and Climate Change
      07 December 2007

      The Sustainable Urban Transport Project has published the Spanish
      translation of the module "Transport and Climate Change" (Transporte y
      Cambio Climático"), originally written by Holger Dalkmann and Charlotte
      Brannigan. Registered users can download the module from the SUTP website.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/958/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ coorganized NMT training in Rio de Janeiro
      29 November 2007

      GTZ SUTP coorganized a training course on Non motorised transport (NMT)
      along with local organizations Instituto Pereira Passos and Transporte
      Ativo, and international organizations ITDP (Institute for
      Transportation and Development Policy) and I-ce (Interface for Cycling
      Expertise). The training was held during 26 and 27 November, 2007 in Rio
      de Janeiro, and the 50 participants were mainly from public institutions
      involved in planning bikeways, environmental institutions and others.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/945/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP at a postgraduate course in TU Dresden
      26 November 2007

      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ's senior transport advisor and SUTP's
      project director, was invited to deliver a guest lecture at a
      postgraduate course offered by Technical University of Dresden in
      cooperation with German Ministry of Environment, UNEP and UNESCO. The
      lecture was delivered on 23rd Nov, 2007 in Dresden to a class of 21
      students from 18 countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/944/1/lang,uk/

      Portuguese translation of the Module 5 d: the CDM in the Transport Sector
      26 November 2007

      GTZ-SUTP released the Portuguese translation of the Module 5d: The CDM
      in the Transport Sector. The module, authored by Dr. Jürg M. Grütter of
      Grütter Consulting, summarises the core issues of CDM transport projects
      and presents the Transmilenio BRT as a case study.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/943/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP conducted training course for Chinese mayors
      16 November 2007

      GTZ-SUTP conducted a half day training course, on 8th November, 2007,
      for mayors from large and medium Chinese cities within the programme of
      the National Training Center for Mayors,in Beijing, China. The course
      was titled “Transport and City Development for China”. Topics such as
      urban transport and urban development, economic impacts of transport,
      relation between land use and transport, public transport and mass rapid
      transport were discussed.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/941/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP conducted “Train-the-Trainer” initial course in Beijing, China
      16 November 2007
      GTZ-SUTP, partner of the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA)
      project, successfully concluded its initial course of the
      “Train-the-Trainer” program which is an initiative of the the SUMA
      project in partnership with CAI-Asia and other organizations. The
      participants, “Future Trainers”, were preselected professionals on urban
      transport from India and China. Also a few participants from Pakistan
      and Philippines participated. In total there were 20 participants. The
      course was held for two weeks from the 5th to the 16th of November, 2007
      in Beijing, China
      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/936/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP Training Course on Sustainable Transport in Beijing, China
      14 November 2007

      GTZ-SUTP in cooperation with Tsinghua University, Clean Air Initiative
      (CAI) – Asia and China Sustainable Transportation Center conducted a 3
      day training course titled “Sustainable Urban Transport (Green
      Transport) Training Course” for participants from all over China in
      Beijing, China, from 12th - 14th November, 2007. The course was also
      supported by the Ministry of Construction, China.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/935/1/lang,uk/

      GTZ-SUTP at the Road Safety Conference in Bangkok, Thailand
      16 November 2007

      Mr. Manfred Breithaupt, GTZ's senior transport advisor and project
      director of SUTP, presented at the “Road Safety on Four Continents”
      conference held from 14th to 16th November 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand.

      Read More: http://www.sutp.org/content/view/933/1/lang,uk/

      ****Upcoming Events about Sustainable Urban Transport****
      *segregated chronologically

      Date of the event : 28.01.2008
      Where the event is : Paris, FR
      Name of the Event : New Energy Indicators for Transport
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 29.01.2008
      Where the event is : France
      Name of the Event : Mobility and Living Environment
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 06.02.2008
      Where the event is : Ljubljana, SI
      Name of the Event : 2nd European Transportation Research Arena
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 06.02.2008
      Where the event is : Versailles, FR
      Name of the Event : International Congress ATEC-ITS
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 06.02.2008
      Where the event is : Nantes, FR
      Name of the Event : Road Technical Days
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 13.02.2008
      Where the event is : Rio Grande do Sul, BR
      Name of the Event : World Conference on Development of Cities:
      Democratic innovation and social transformation for inclusive cities in
      the 21st century
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 13.02.2008
      Where the event is : Karlsruhe, DE
      Name of the Event : IT-TRANS
      For more information :

      Date of the event : 17.02.2008
      Where the event is : Adelaide, AU
      Name of the Event : 3rd International Solar Cities Congress
      For more information :

      More events can be viewed from the link below


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