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Report on Clinton Climate Initiative/C40 joint workshop on transport, London, Dec. 2007

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  • eric.britton
    We have to reduce about 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions over the next 10 to 15 years. - William Jefferson Clinton, 1 August 2006 As many of you in our
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 24, 2007

      We have to reduce about 80% of our greenhouse
      gas emissions over the next 10 to 15 years."
      - William Jefferson Clinton, 1 August 2006


      As many of you in our several New Mobility programs and discussion groups are aware, we have been enthusiastic supporters of these goals of the Clinton Climate Initiative (http://www.clintonfoundation.org/cf-pgm-cci-home.htm ) as set out in the opening statement of President Clinton back in the summer of 2006. In this spirit here is the latest information that we have from them their first report on their collaborative transportation program event with the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (http://www.c40cities.org) that took place in London in the first week of this month:.


      ·         Opening page on their 3-5 December transport/congestions workshop in London - http://www.c40cities.org/events/0712transport/index.jsp


      ·         C40 workshop program - http://www.c40cities.org/events/0712transport/programme.jsp (text follows below)


      ·         Press release announcing event and its objectives - http://www.c40cities.org/news/news-20071203.jsp


      ·         Remarks on city cycles - http://www.c40cities.org/docs/0712transport/day1-sess1-dector.pdf


      ·         Closing remarks on the Clinton Climate Initiative transportation program - Steve Crolius, Senior Director, Clinton Climate Initiative - http://www.c40cities.org/docs/0712transport/day2-sess8-crolius.pdf


      This last overview paper by their Senior Director sets out the 13 product/service areas which they are targeting. I have shifted their order slightly to put the three that interest our new mobility/climate action programs (http://www.invent.newmobility.org) most in the top three slots.


      ·         BRT Design Services

      ·         Fare Collection Systems

      ·         Traffic Management Systems

      ·         Advanced All-Electric Buses

      ·         Diesel Particulate Filters

      ·         Ethanol Buses

      ·         Fuel-Cell Buses

      ·         Hybrid-Diesel Buses

      ·         Hybrid-Diesel Refuse Trucks

      ·         Hybrid-Diesel School Buses

      ·         LED Traffic Lights

      ·         Light-Vehicle PHEV Conversion Kits

      ·         Outdoor Lights


      Your comments on this program and these documents are welcomed. May I suggest that you address them to NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com.


      Eric Britton


      "The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is a tremendous idea

      and a fine example of the different dimensions of international collaboration."

      Sir Nicholas stern


      Pointing the way to New Mobility

      Photo of Velib showing the way in Paris traffic. From the Greening of Transport report. 
















      C40 workshop on transport and congestion


      All presentations are available as PDF files.

      Day 1: Monday 3 December 2007: Changing behavious

      Opening remarks: Aims and objectives of the workshop, useful information – Simon Reddy, Manager, C40 Secretariat
      Keynote address: Ulla Hamilton, Vice Mayor of Stockholm; Ken Livingstone, Mayor of London

      Day 1, Session 1: Walking and Cycling

      Introduction and overview of Day 1 topics: Moderated by Mark Watts, Special Adviser to the Mayor of London
      How to make cycling a lifestyle choice in your city: Niels Tørsløv, Director, Traffic Department, City of Copenhagen
      Cycle hire schemes: a way to encourage the rapid uptake of cycling? – German Dector-Vega, Strategy Manager, Transport for London (Strategy Development, Surface Transport)

      Day 1, Session 2: Infrastructure investment, land-use planning and urban design

      Moderated by Gustaf Landahl, City of Stockholm

      Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems: Angélica Castro Rodríguez , Transmilenio Company, Bogotá
      Attractive urban redesign for walking and cycling: Torsten Malmberg, Director, Strategic Planning Department, City of Stockholm
      Sao Paulo initiatives to climate change: Cesar Morales, Deputy Secretary for Transport, City of Sao Paulo
      Berlin’s progress in implementing a sustainable transport policy in the city: Senator Katrin Lompscher, Senate Department for Health, the Environment and Consumer Protection, Berlin

      Day 1, Key note address 2

      How Transport for London is addressing climate change in its planning for the future: Peter Hendy, Commissioner, Transport for London

      Day 1, Session 3: Travel demand management (TDM): smart measures

      Moderated by Mr Bharat Singal, Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit, Delhi

      London’s Sutton trial: practical implementation of a range of TDM programmes: Ben Plowden, Programme Director, Travel Demand Management Programme, Transport for London
      Sustainable Mobility through Access Restriction Policies and Clean Zones: Fabio Nussio, Head of International Relations, Mobility Agency for the City of Rome

      Day 1, Session 4: Travel demand management: regulatory measures

      Moderated by Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan, NYC Department of Transport

      Congestion and emissions-related charging in London: Michèle Dix, Managing Director for Planning, Transport for London
      Congestion tax in Stockholm: Gunnar Söderholm, Head of Administration and former head of Stockholm congestion trial, Stockholm
      Environment-Friendly Traffic Demand Management in Seoul: Mr Hong Seog Goh, Director of Transportation Planning, Seoul Metropolitan Government

      Reception, London Transport Museum

      Hosted by the City of Stockholm and address by Ulla Hamilton, Vice Mayor of Stockholm

      Day 2: Tuesday 4 December 2007: vehicle technologies

      Opening Remarks

      Day 2, Session 5: Alternative vehicle technologies

      Plug-in hybrids (cars): Phil Jessup, Executive Director, Toronto Atmospheric Fund (Transcript of the presentation)
      Hybrid and fuel cell buses: Mike Weston, Operations Director, Surface Transport, Transport for London
      Bio-ethanol buses: Fredrik Morsing, Director, Alternative Fuels, Scania
      Buses with internal combustion engines using gaseous fuels: Prof. Edward Jobson, Environmental Director, Volvo

      Day 2, Session 6: City Experiences

      Moderated by Ulla Hamilton, Vice Mayor of Stockholm

      New York’s experiences with hybrids to date: Thomas J. Savage, President, MTA Bus Company, New York
      Stockholm’s experience with ethanol and bio-gas buses: Stefan Wallin, Environment Manager, Stockholm Public Transport Company (SL), City of Stockholm
      Introduction of Compressed Natural Gas in Delhi: Bharat Singal, Officer on Special Duty, Delhi Integrated Multi-modal Transit, Delhi

      Day 2, Session 7: Other key issues to consider

      Moderated by Linda Manyuchi, Director, Air Quality Management and Climate Change, City of Johannesburg

      Creating a market for clean vehicles: Gustaf Landahl, Head of Department Planning and Environment, Environment and Health Administration, City of Stockholm
      Alternative vehicle and fuel sustainability: Dr Jeremy Woods, Research Fellow, Imperial College, London
      Biofuel certification options: Greg Archer, Director, Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership, London

      Day 2: Session 8: The Clinton Initiative Transport Programme

      Presentation of the CCI’s Transport Programme: Steve Crolius, Senior Director, Clinton Climate Initiative
      Closing Remarks: Nicky Gavron, Deputy Mayor of London


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