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Re: WorldTransport Forum Denis Baupin, Paris Deputy Mayor and important new mobility innovator - Wikipedia draft entry

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  • Morten Lange
    Hello, Great work. I too think that the Wikipedia is an important arena for levelling the playing field of the infomation-battles between traditional
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 17, 2007

      Great work.  I too think that the Wikipedia is an important arena for levelling the playing field of  the "infomation-battles" between traditional thinking and innovative approaches to sustainability etc.

      As a cycling NGO  representative I find that some enlightening stuff has been written in the Wikipedia, for example about utility cycling,  vehicular cycling and bicycle helmets.  In the case of bicycle helmets, there is along standing debate in medical journals as to the efficiency of law that ban cycling without helmets.  I find it strange that the professionals that preach that helmet-laws save lots of lives, do not do some editing in the Wikipedia.

      I said "great work", which I stand by, but I guess the articles need to include references and sourcing of claims.  In fact the Bicycle helmet article is not bad on that :

      Best Regards,

      "eric.britton" <eric.britton@...> wrote:
      I have just posted a new Wikipedia entry for Denis Baupin, Paris Deputy Mayor -- and  a really very important new mobility innovator which you can see at http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Denis_baupin. It is still rather rough, and for those of you who know his work it would be great if you might pop in and make whatever changes or additions you feel appropriate.
      I believe  this is important because most of what is available on and by him is largely in French, and of course all that Paris is doing is worthy of attention in cities around the world.
      I hope you find some use in this and thank you in advance if you decide to dig in and improve it,
      Eric Britton
      PS. Actually I have been doing quite a bit of this sort of thing in the Wikipedia over the last two years, adding and/or contributing to entries on people, projects and places that are making a difference in our uphill battle to new mobility, sustainable development and social justice. This includes as you might well imagine an entry for the New Mobility Agenda and another on sustainable transportation, both of which also can be improved if you have a mind to pitch in there as well.

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