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GoLoco discussion and commentary (ride-sharing, digital hitchhiking)

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  • eric.britton
    This is a discussion that is to take place over in the Lots Less Cars list. Thought it might interest some of you: * List address:
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      This is a discussion that is to take place over in the Lots Less Cars list. Thought it might interest some of you:


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      From: eric.britton [mailto:eric.britton@...]
      Monday, September 17, 2007 8:28 AM
      To: 'LotsLessCars@yahoogroups.com'
       Subject: GoLoco discussion and commentary


      I propose a public discussion here of and invite your comments and suggestions on Robin Chase’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robin_Chase ) new GoLoco ride-sharing service of which you have a brief introduction below and full information at www.goloco.org.


      GoLoco: How does it work?

      1.       Post a trip -- want to go to the beach? shopping? daily commute? out of town? -- for your friends, colleagues, or classmates to see.

      2.       View profiles of people whose trips match your own. Decide if you'd like to travel with them.

      3.       Accept a trip as is, or negotiate changes online.

      4.       Meet up at a specific location and time.


      You can use GoLoco to share rides for free. Or you can choose to share trip costs quickly and easily online before the trip without the awkward money discussion or exchange in the car. GoLoco collects each passenger's share of the total trip costs before the trip begins and transfers it to the driver using online accounts. We charge a 10 percent transaction fee.


      *           *           *


      I see GoLoco as one pioneering example of a very important class of new mobility services which we call xTransit (see www.xtransit.org), and of course the sub-class ride-sharing.  And within that, a further sub-class that we call “digital hitchhiking”.  The stack in our nomenclature, if you will, looks like this, from the more general at the top down then getting more specific.


      1. Movement
      2. Transport(ation), mobility, logistics
      3. Sustainable transport
      4. New mobility
      5. xTransit
      6. Ride-sharing
      7. Digital hitchhiking


      By way of historical curiosity I thought some of you might be interested to see an early example of this last, in the form of a 1978 proposal form this end for a service  which we then called CHARM: Computer-Helped Area-Wide Regional Mobility system, which I disinterred this morning and attach just in case you feel like a quick trip through a transportation/technology  museum.


      I look forward very much to this discussion, and would ask you to share this note with others, and lists, who you think may share our interests.


      Eric Britton


      PS. It would be great if Robin might in parallel share with us any articles of thinkpeices she might have on her concept and implementation, including status information if available



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