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Reinventing Transport in Cities: 2007-2012 - collaborative project and invitation

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  • eric.britton@ecoplan.org
    Dear friends, This is to inform you about our latest collaborative new mobility project: Reinventing Transport in Cities: 2007-2012. You will see it at -
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2007
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      Dear friends,


      This is to inform you about our latest collaborative new mobility project: Reinventing Transport in Cities: 2007-2012.  You will see it at – http://www.invent.newmobility.org.


      Why do I take your valuable time with this information this morning? Three reasons, in brief:


      ·         First, it is my hope that even as it stands (eternally incomplete and in process) I hope you will find it a useful resource in support of your own work.

      ·         Second, to invite your comments and suggestions for making it clearer and better. These you might want to pass on to me privately, and perhaps later I can provide a summary of these ideas and share them with the group as a whole.

      ·         And finally, because I would very much like to hope that in a few cases at least  this might lead in time to a collaborative project, either perhaps in your city or region, or via some kind of network or agency. That after all is what the whole things is about. The bottom line.


      If you would agree to share this with your colleagues and various lists and networks, and perhaps also some of our media friends – after all this is such a hot and important topic –that would be much appreciated,


      There you have it. Grist I hope for your good sustainable mills. Let me know what you think we can do with this.


      With all good wishes,


      Eric Britton


      PS. All comments and discussions of this are to take place on the New Mobility Idea Factory – to post to the list the address is NewMobilityCafe@yahoogroups.com.   



      Reinventing Transportation in Cities - at http://www.invent.newmobility.org/

      Europe : 8/10 rue Joseph Bara, 75006 Paris,  France.    T:  +331 4326 1323

      USA : 9440 Readcrest Dr., Los Angeles, CA  90210.     T: +1 310 601-8468

      E. eric.britton@.... E2. fekbritton@... Skype: newmobility


      The Commons: A wide open, world-wide open society forum concerned with improving our understanding and control of technology as it impacts on people in our daily lives. Seeking out and pioneering new transformational concepts for concerned citizens, activists, community groups, entrepreneurs and business. Supporting local government as that closest to the people and the problems. Increasing the uncomfort zone for hesitant administrators and politicians.  And through our long term world wide collaborative efforts, energy and personal choices, placing them and ourselves firmly on the path to a more sustainable and more just world.




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