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    In a message dated 10/08/2007 00:00:24 GMT Daylight Time, martin.strid@vv.se writes: Or is it the mega example of the coffee syndrome (another Swedish
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      In a message dated 10/08/2007 00:00:24 GMT Daylight Time, martin.strid@... writes:
      Or is it the mega example of the coffee syndrome (another Swedish simile):
      The local political committee spending one and a half hour discussing whether coffee served in the break should be paid for privately or by the committee budget, while the issue of 39 million kronor for a new hitek equipment to be used somehow by the organisation is passed in fourteen seconds, because it is 2 big an issue 2 grasp 4 ordinary laymen.
      Denis Healey (one time chief book keeper of this parish) noted a similar effect within central government - that a multiple signature requisition would be needed to get a box of paperclips for the Treasury secretary's office but he could happily commit a billion here or there on a project at the stroke of a pen, and at a London-hosted Mobility week event I opted to attend a session on how the European Investment Bank managed projects - they could not consider any project under half a million Euro (or whatever the figure was) as the cost of monitoring and managing any advance of funds was the same regardless of how large or small the sum was (ie you'd spend E20,000 if you followed the official protocols to monitor a E10,000 project rather than just give the group E10,000 and ask them to us it properly).  Hence a wise move for low cost pedestrian and cycling works is to consolidate these into a single big bid which the funding banks can consider, or plugging these small tit-bits into bigger projects. (another option is to do like the DfT Cycle Challenge as make small fundign available to any project which can fill in a single A4 sheet and provide evidence of where the money went - some failed some succeeded, and the DfT drew on the parable of the 10 Talents and 3 servants...)
      The downside of the add-on of course is that it is seen as the contingency fund for when (never if) the main project wobbles over budget.  
      Dave Holladay

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