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Win-Win Emission Reduction Strategies

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  • Todd Alexander Litman
    Media Notice 17 January 2007 Win-Win Emission Reduction Strategies Smart transportation strategies can achieve emission reduction targets and provide other
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      Media Notice
      17 January 2007

      'Win-Win Emission Reduction Strategies'
      Smart transportation strategies can achieve emission reduction targets and provide other important economic, social and environmental benefits
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      Concern over climate change has increased significantly in recent months. New reports have highlighted the risks and economic costs of climate change, prompting many jurisdictions to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and begin developing emission reduction plans.
      Innovative thinking is required to identify the best transportation emission reduction strategies. There are many possible ways to reduce transport emissions. Some provide just one or two benefits, while others provide a variety of benefits, including congestion reductions, road and parking facility cost savings, consumer cost savings, accident reductions, improved mobility for non-drivers, and support for strategic land use planning objectives. More comprehensive analysis helps identify the strategies that provide the greatest total benefits to society.
      The Victoria Transport Policy Institute identified more than a dozen �Win-Win Transportation Solutions� that provide substantial emission reductions in ways that help achieve other economic, social and environmental objectives. Win-Win Solutions are cost-effective, technically feasible market reforms that solve transport problems by increasing consumer options, removing market distortions that cause excessive motor vehicle travel, and creating more accessible, multi-modal communities.
      If implemented to the degree that is economically justified, Win-Win Solutions can achieve the transportation component of Kyoto emission reduction targets while stimulating economic development and helping address problems such as traffic congestion, accidents and inadequate mobility for non-drivers.
      For more information see the following VTPI reports:
      Win-Win Emission Reduction Strategies� available at http://www.vtpi.org/wwclimate.pdf
      Win-Win Transportation Solutions,� available at http://www.vtpi.org/winwin.pdf.
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      The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative and practical solutions to transport problems. The VTPI website (http://www.vtpi.org ) has many resources addressing diverse transport planning and policy issues.
      For more information contact Todd Litman (litman@... )

      Todd Alexander Litman
      Victoria Transport Policy Institute (www.vtpi.org)
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