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VTPI News - Autumn 2006

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  • Todd Alexander Litman
    ... VTPI NEWS ... Victoria Transport Policy Institute Efficiency - Equity - Clarity ... Autumn 2006 Vol. 9, No. 4 ... The Victoria Transport Policy
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                                        VTPI NEWS
                            Victoria Transport Policy Institute
                               "Efficiency - Equity - Clarity"
                                 Autumn 2006    Vol. 9, No. 4
      The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research organization dedicated to developing innovative solutions to transportation problems. The VTPI website (http://www.vtpi.org ) has many resources addressing a wide range of transport planning and policy issues. VTPI also provides consulting services.
      The VTPI "Online TDM Encyclopedia" (http://www.vtpi.org/tdm ) is a comprehensive information resource to help identify and evaluate innovative management solutions to transport problems, available for free on our website. We continually update and expand the Encyclopedia.
      As always, we appreciate feedback. Please let us know if you have suggestions for improving the Encyclopedia or our other resources.
      The following are newly released VTPI publications.
      "Mobility As A Positional Good: Implications for Transport Policy and Planning," ( http://www.vtpi.org/prestige.pdf ).
      'Positional' (also called 'prestige') goods confer status of their consumers. However, this increased status is offset by reduced status to others, resulting in no net benefit to society overall. As wealth increases so does the portion of consumption motivated by positional value. Many mobility-related goods and services have positional value, including vehicle ownership and use, and exotic holidays. This paper investigates how positional value affects transportation decisions, explores the resulting economic impacts, and discusses implications for transport policy and planning.
      "Community Cohesion As A Transport Planning Objective," ( http://www.vtpi.org/cohesion.pdf )
      This paper, to be presented at the 2007 TRB Annual Meeting, investigates the concept of 'community cohesion' (the quantity and quality of positive interactions among people in a community), describes the value it provides to society, discusses how it is affected by transport planning decisions, and describes strategies to help increase community cohesion.
      "Review of U.S. and European Regional Modeling Studies of Policies Intended to Reduce Motorized Travel, Fuel Use, and Emissions," ( http://www.vtpi.org/johnston.pdf ), by Professor Robert A. Johnston.
      This paper reviews the experience to date in dozens of metropolitan regions and advanced industrial economies as they have used scenario planning to evaluate an array of strategies available to help states and regions satisfy this new federal legal requirement.
      We are in the process of updating our report, "Transportation Cost And Benefit Analysis" ( http://www.vtpi.org/tca ), including chapters on Vehicle Costs, Congestion, Travel Time, Parking, Accidents, Air Pollution and Noise.
      Below are recently published reports and articles.
      "The GPI Transportation Accounts: Sustainable Transportation for Nova Scotia - Measuring Sustainable Development, Application Of The Genuine Progress Index To Nova Scotia," GPI Atlantic ( http://www.gpiatlantic.org ), by Aviva Savelson, Ronald Colman, Todd Litman, Sally Walker, and Ryan Parmenter.
      This comprehensive (560-page) report assesses the sustainability of the transportation system using 20 key indicators and numerous sub-indicators, and examines 15 different cost categories to assess the true cost of passenger road transport in Nova Scotia. The study also provides recommendations for making transportation more efficient, affordable and sustainable. Below are some media reports:
      "Transportation Costs Too High in NS," CBC ( http://www.cbc.ca/canada/nova-scotia/story/2006/11/29/transportation-gpi.html ), 29 Nov. 2006.
      "It�s Expensive to Get Around: Transportation Single Largest Cost Faced by Nova Scotians, report says," ChronicalHerald ( http://www.herald.ns.ca/Business/544156.html ), 30 Nov. 2006.
      "Changing Travel Demand: Implications for Transport Planning," ITE Journal (www.ite.org), September 2006, pp. 27-33; based on "The Future Isn�t What It Used To Be" ( http://www.vtpi.org/future.pdf ).
      "Parking Management Best Practices," Planning, Vol. 72, No. 9 (www.planning.org), October 2006, pp. 40-45; based on "Parking Management Strategies" ( http://www.vtpi.org/park_man.pdf ).
      "Pegging the Optimal Parking Supply: Conventional Planning Theory Overstates Requirements," Canadian Property Management ( http://www.mediaedge.ca/publications/cpm.htm ), Vol. 21, No. 7, Nov. 2006, pp. 47-49.
      "Issues in Sustainable Transportation,� International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (www.inderscience.com), Vol. 6, No. 4, 2006, pp. 331-347, with David Burwell; available at http://www.vtpi.org/sus_iss.pdf .
      "A Report On The Estimation Of Unit Values Of Land Occupied By Transportation Infrastructures In Canada," Transport Canada ( http://www.tc.gc.ca/pol/en/aca/fci/transmodal/menu.htm), 2006, with Clarence Woudsma and Glen Weisbrod. This report provides unit cost values (by square meter) of land occupied by the different  transportation infrastructure in Canada in the framework of the Full-Cost Investigation of Transportation project. It is part of a major transportation cost study sponsored by Transport Canada.
      Nolberto Munier (editor), "Handbook on Urban Sustainability," Springer ( http://www.springer.com/west/home/social+sciences?SGWID=4-40384-22-173675147-0 ), 2006. This book, written by worldwide specialists, is a guide to establishing a city on a sustainable path. It addresses sustainable urban planning issues by breaking the city down to its main components. It takes the reader from grass-roots level to completion of an urban sustainability plan, with comprehensive knowledge of urban sustainability issues, and provides detailed case studies. Todd Litman wrote a chapter on 'Urban Transportation Management.'
      VTPI presented papers at the following events:
      "Future of Urban Transportation" Eno Forum, December 6-7. The Eno Foundation ( http://www.enotrans.com ) invited numerous experts to discuss future urban transport problems and policy options. Forum papers are posted at http://www.enotrans.com/Policy%20Forums/PolicyForums.htm . Todd Litman�s paper, "Energy and Environment: Implications For Urban Transportation Policy And Planning" is also available at http://www.vtpi.org/energy_env.pdf .
      RailVolution, Chicago, Nov. 4-8, including presentations on rail transit benefits, parking management and energy trends, available at http://www.railvolution.com/2006conferencepapers.html .
      New Zealand Walking Conference, 3 - 4 Nov, Christchurch, New Zealand ( http://www.livingstreets.org.nz/walking_2006.htm ). Presentations and papers are available on their website.
      CIVITAS Forum, Burgos (Spain) from 25 to 27 September 2006.
      Attended by over 300 representatives from local and regional authorities, officials from four Directorate Generals of the European Commission and representatives from the Intelligent Energy Europe Agency. Presentations and the conference report are available on the CIVITAS website http://www.civitas-initiative.eu/download_center.phtml?lan=en .
      VTPI will present papers at these upcoming events:
      Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting (www.trb.org )
      TITLE: "Economic Development Impacts of Transportation Demand Management" (07-2719)
      SESSION 259; Transportation and Economic Development; Monday, January 22, 2007; 9:30am-12:00pm; Hilton, International Center
      TITLE: "Are Rail Transit Investments Worthwhile?" - A Discussion Paper (07-2811)
      SESSION 285; Assessing the Impact of Gas Prices on Transit Ridership and Enhancing Regional Transit Planning; Monday, January 22, 2007; 10:15am-12:00pm; Hilton, Hemisphere
      TITLE: "Community Cohesion as a Transportation Planning Objective" (P07-0550)
      SESSION 341; Community Impact Assessment: Current Practices, Tools, and Case Studies; Monday, January 22, 2007; 2:30pm- 5:00pm; Hilton, International Center
      TITLE: "Developing Indicators for Comprehensive and Sustainable Transport Planning" (07-2706)
      SESSION 458; Environment and Energy; Tuesday, January 23, 2007;  9:30am-12:00pm; Hilton, International Center
      TITLE: "Evaluating Parking Management Benefits" (07-1581)
      SESSION 553; New International Research in Transportation Demand and Parking Management; Tuesday, January 23, 2007; 2:30pm- 5:00pm; Hilton, International Center
      "National Conference on Disaster Planning for the Carless Society" ( http://www.carlessevacuation.org ), to be held in New Orleans, Feb. 8 & 9, 2007. Hurricanes Katrina and Rita revealed how vulnerable carless residents are in emergency situations. Evacuation plans in most major cities across America fail to adequately take into account the needs of the elderly, disabled, and transit dependent populations. The goal of this conference is to bring together government officials, professionals, and experts to discuss how we can better prepare for those that are in most need. This conference will seek to better integrate the fields of transportation planning, emergency management, and health care.
      CNT (2006), "Paved Over: Surface Parking Lots or Opportunities for Tax-Generating, Sustainable Development?" ( http://www.cnt.org/repository/PavedOver-Final.pdf ), Center for Neighborhood Technology. This study evaluates the potential economic and social benefits of converting surface parking lots around rail transit stations into mixed-use, pedestrian friendly, transit-oriented developments, including affordable housing. Provides case studies of nine suburban communities with rail transit service.
      Queensland Transport Pedestrian Home Page ( http://www.transport.qld.gov.au/pedestrian ) contains various pedestrian planning and evaluation tools, including a Pedestrian Safety and Accessibility Audit Kit, pedestrian behaviour observation sheet, a walking audit checklist and a pedestrian questionnaire.
      "WalkIt: The Walking Resources Database" (http://www.walkit.info ) provides extensive resources for pedestrian planning.
      Rod Eddington (2006), "The Case For Action: Sir Rod Eddington's Advice to Government- Transport�s Role in Sustaining the UK�s Productivity and Competitiveness," ( http://www.hm-treasury.gov.uk/independent_reviews/eddington_transport_study/eddington_index.cfm ).
      Desmon Brown (2006), "Urban Public Bus Transportation In Developing Countries: A Roadmap For Successful Planning," (http://www.desmonbrown.com ). This easy-to-read book provides practical guidance to planners and advocates for improving public bus transportation services, particularly in developing countries.
      SUTP-Asia (http://www.sutp.org ) recently upgraded their website. It is a partnership between the German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP) and CITYNET, which aims to help developing cities to achieve their sustainable transport goals, though the dissemination of information about international experience and targeted work with particular cities.
      The New Mobility Agenda: The Politics of Transportation: New Thinking & World-wide Collaborative Problem-Solving ( http://www.ecoplan.org/wtpp/wt_index.htm ) is a collaborative international program to develop new solutions to transport problems. It includes numerous tools for improving transport sustainability.
      Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) Sustainability Program Website ( http://www.oregon.gov/ODOT/SUS ) is now operational. This site contains information about sustainability and the sustainability program development process.
      "Urban Transportation: A Question of Health," Agence de la Sante et des Services Sociaux de Montreal ( http://www.santepub-mtl.qc.ca/Publication/rapportannuel/2006/annualreport2006.pdf )
      Please let us know if you have comments or questions about any information in this newsletter, or if you would like to be removed from our email list. And please pass this newsletter on to others who may find it useful.

      Todd Alexander Litman
      Victoria Transport Policy Institute (www.vtpi.org)
      Phone & Fax 250-360-1560
      1250 Rudlin Street, Victoria, BC, V8V 3R7, CANADA
      �Efficiency - Equity - Clarity�

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